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35 MUST Tools for Wordpress Site Owners

If you're a Wordpress site owners, you're probably daily fighting with different limits set by the platform. However, there's a series of tools that make these limits disappear and make your work much faster and effective. Here're 35 must tools for Wordpress site owners.

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Every 3-6 months new powerful updates appear for the most popular web tools and services, some of them being disruptive for the market and creating tens of opportunities for other companies to grow. 

How is 2019 looking in terms of popular web tools and services? New tools and services were launched and the old ones have great new features that you will want to find more about.

Below we reviewed for you over 30 web products from different domains: website builders, logo and company branding, premium Bootstrap themes and templates, WordPress themes and plugins, web development services and much more.

Here it goes.

1. Creative TIM

Creative TIM

One of the most important and appreciated UI tools developers in the market is Creative Tim. A couple of years ago it was a small startup and today they number over 750,000 happy users: web designers, web developers, and huge companies: Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, and many others. From the very start, they wanted to build the best UI Kits, Dashboards, Templates, and Plugins, and they succeed. All their products are pixel-perfect and are built on top of the latest technologies: Bootstrap 4: Vuejs, Angular, React, React Nat and Lavarel.

Creative Tim is also very well known for sponsoring schools, universities, over 20 hackathons in 14 countries, and be part of events where they can teach people how to become better developers, designers, and entrepreneurs.

On their website, you will find tons of great free stuff, premium items up to $249, and 6 Bundles with over 70% discount. Each Bundle is serving a different need: Angular, HTML, Big Bundle with 34 items, Material Design, React and Vuejs. Pick what you need.


2. Brizy


Brizy is a super-friendly and modern way to create WordPress pages visually, without requesting you any special knowledge or previous experience Anybody can now create a gorgeous, fully functional website without writing a single line of code. The only things you need to master are clicks and drags. Yes, it is as simple as it sounds.

You will find included everything you can think of, even in the free version which is loaded with stuff that is considered premium by other website builders. There are 400 blocks to drag and drop, 4,000 vector icons, wonderful templates to start with, tons of features and options, and a super intuitive interface that will guide you every moment.

Brizy can be used as a WordPress plugin and directly from the Cloud platform if you want to quickly build landing pages. Hosting and domains setups are available here, with the Brizy PRO plan.

Build a new website today.

3. Tailor Brands 

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is a unique and revolutionary logo generator on the market, being used by over 10 million happy users. It has unique features that will help you get awesome logos in less than 30 seconds. It was programmed by experts graphic designers, it is not using templates which translates that you will get unique logo designs and it has the most powerful and sophisticated algorithm on the market. It uses thousands of data points to match fonts styles and pairs, color palettes, and layout structures. It also takes current design trends into account to create a logo that’s a perfect fit for your brand and business type.

Another thing which is awesome and it is very appreciated by millions of people and companies is that they are including you in the design process, to ensure that the final product is based on your design preferences. You have full control over customizations, edits, and tweaks – you can easily change fonts, colors, and layouts.  

No need to have any special skills to create your own logos, presentations and brand identity with Tailor Brands.

Start using Tailor Brands.

4. LogoAI


LogoAI is a lightning fast logo generator that will offer you gorgeous designs in seconds. You cannot tell the difference between logos generated with LogoAI and logos created by real designers. The results are outstanding and anybody can use the platform without having any special knowledge or skills.

In a couple of simple and fun steps, you will get tens of designs to choose from. When you find something that you like, edit it to be a perfect fit and you are good to go. You pay only after you have what you are looking for in front of your eyes.

Give LogoAI a try.

5. Codester

Codester is one of the most popular marketplaces for web designers and developers, where they can find thousands of premium scripts, codes, app templates, themes, plugins, graphics and much more. The website is lightning fast and very well structured.

Browse Codester and pick what you need. Always check the Flash Sale section where hugely discounted items are being sold.

6. HostingWiki


This is not actually a tool, but a resource you'll definitely find useful if you new into the website creation & hosting world. This site aims to provide readers with full guides on web hosting & Wordpress-related topics.

There's a team of experts behind it, who are weekly sharing new stuff to help you solve the daily inconvenients you will have to face. One of the reasons why I think it deserves special promotion is that everything that's published is honest, unbiased and free.

7. NameQL


Finding a new great website name with a .com domain is very difficult. NameQL will help you with that for free, the platform being effective, fast and super simple to use. You write down the name you want, and the platform will use it, including its derivations, to show you .com available domains.

8. MobiLoud


Digital publishers now see up to 90% of traffic coming from mobile. Mobile apps are the best way for media brands to leverage the power of mobile, grow their audience, engage readers and drive revenue.

MobiLoud is a platform that takes existing WordPress sites and converts them to powerful native apps for iOS and Android. In just a few weeks your apps will be published and you’ll have a powerful new channel you own 100%. 

You don’t need to touch a single line of code, and the finished apps are on a par with top publishers like WSJ and Buzzfeed. 

You’ll have all the features you need to grow, engage and monetize your audience, like push notifications, advertising integrations, subscriptions, analytics and more. 

9. Total


Total is the most complete and easy to use WordPress theme on the market, being loaded with 80 builder modules, over 40 pre-made demos that can be imported with 1 click, 500 styling options and much more. This lightning-fast template is super simple to configure to be a perfect fit for your project.

10. RankMath

Rank Math

Looking for the most popular and innovative WordPress SEO plugin on the market? RankMath is an autonomous plugin that will help your website rank higher in the search engines in no time, after a simple configuration.

Make your website rank better.

11. Schema


Schema is very popular for being the fastest ever WordPress theme, offering its users a unique experience and feeling. It’s highly enjoyable to surf such a fast website, where every information is available on the spot.

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12. ArchitectUI Dashboard Vue PRO

ArchitectUI Dashboard Vue Pro

ArchitectUI Dashboard Vue PRO is a very popular and highly customizable dashboard which has easy layout modifiers, over 9 dashboards, multiple color schemes and layouts, and much more.

The price is $49 with included 6 months support and updates – one-time fee.

13. Format

Format is a very creative, free portfolio website template which works great for web designers, developers, agencies, photographers and much more. The theme is very fast, the design is pixel-perfect and it is super SEO friendly.

14. Raptor


Raptor is the most appreciated and used a free hosting website template, being loaded with tons of features and options, including things that normally can be found on premium and expensive themes from this niche. The design is clean, professional and pixel-perfect, making your business look great for your future customers.

15. Unlayer


Unlayer is an embeddable editor that will let your customers build highly creative and converting emails and landing pages, directly from your website. No need to write a single line of code to install it, the process takes a couple of minutes and it is straightforward.

Sign up now and see how it works.

16. Mailmunch


MailMunch is a popular and respected email marketing platform which is loaded with tons of great features. There are lots of beautiful pre-designed newsletters to choose from, smart drag drag-and-drop and easy to use WYSIWYG builders, and much more. Creating great email content that will immediately grab attention is simple with MailMunch.

17. actiTIME


actiTIME is the most complex, popular and simple to use timesheet software on the market, being a perfect fit for thousands of companies, including for Fortune 500 top brands like Xerox, Accenture, Philips and much more.

Try all features of actiTIME Online timesheet for free for 30 days.

18. 8b


8b is a futuristic website builder which is loaded with many cool features, including free HTTPS SSL, domain, over 250 awesome templates, site export, AMP, PWA and many others. The interface is extremely fast, and it will guide you every moment.

Building a creative, professional and fully functional website with 8b is simple and is not requesting you to have any coding or special skills.

19. ContentSnare


Stop losing tons of time by chasing customers for content and files and let the most popular app do it in your place. ContentSnare can be configured in a couple of steps and then it is ready to do your job.

Pricing starts at $24 per month, billed annually and it includes unlimited requests and unlimited clients.

Start a free trial and see ContentSnare in action.

20. Work Examiner

Work Examiner

Work Examiner is a popular internet monitoring software that will help you increase productivity, efficiency and prevent data theft in your company. Use it for PC, web and email tracking, for keylogging and much more.

See Work Examiner in action in a 30-day free trial.

21. Logaster

Whenever you need a gorgeous logo design on the spot and you want to keep spending at its minimum, use Logaster. It is one of the most popular and easy to use logo generators on the market. Write your logo name, if needed add a slogan and symbol, and in a few seconds Logaster will present you hundreds of unique and beautiful logo designs to choose from. You pay only after you find something that you consider a perfect fit for your needs.

22. WrapPixel


One of the most popular providers of free and premium Bootstrap, Angular and React admin templates, and UI Kits, is WrapPixel, having great experience in this niches. 

They are selling the Mega Bundle with 80% discount, a bundle which is loaded with thousands of products for $79 – single use. It contains 45 unique dashboards, 11 admin templates, 130 customized plugins, 6,500 UI components and pages, 3,000 premium font icons and much more.

23. Pixpa


Pixpa is a website builder for creatives who have 0 coding skills and they want to create unique and gorgeous websites, stores, blogs and portfolios, even all in one place if needed.

Sign up for free.

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24. SteadyWP


Taking care of your WordPress website in terms of daily backups, updates, security, uptime and much more, takes lots of time that you can use to grow your business. Let professionals do this job for you. SteadyWP is a professional WordPress maintenance service that you will love using.

25. HelpJet

HelpJet is a knowledge base that can be implemented on your website in a few minutes, without writing a single line of code. Help your customers find an answer to their questions using HelpJet. You can now hugely grow sales without hiring more support staff.

26. ForumPress


Ever wanted to have your own WordPress forum? Now is super simple to achieve that with ForumPress. This WordPress forum themes looks and works great on any device, having all the functionalities a forum needs to have.

27. Gorgias


Gorgias is a customer service app built for Shopify that will help you better respond to customers across all channels, to get order info, delivery status and much more, all from a single dashboard. 

It connects your support emails, social media and more in a single support app. You can now connect as many Shopify stores as you want.

28.. InvoiceBerry


InvoiceBerry is a simple, yet very effective invoicing platform that you can use to create and send fully customized invoices in 60 seconds or less, to track expenses, to create reports and manage clients, to track payments and much more.

Sign up for the free trial.

29. Goodiewebsite


Goodiewebsite is a popular platform that connects designers, agencies and business owners to talented and professional web developers. It is a great fit for front-end development, WordPress websites and email templates.

Start using today Goodiewebsite.

30. Bonsai


Bonsai is a dedicated invoicing software for freelancers, with over 100,000 happy creatives. It is used to create smart invoices with integrated payments, to auto-create invoices from different documents and much more.

Get paid faster with Bonsai. Start for free.

31. RumbleTalk


With RumbleTalk, anybody can create an online group chat for communities and live events or provide a direct private messaging chat for online experts and advisors. 

Start with the free forever plan – 1 room and up to 5 seats.

32. Fotor

D:\Business\US\Mekanism\Campanii\22. Successful People Recommend You These Web Tools & Services\Articole\1\Pictures\33. Fotor.jpg

Fotor is the most used and appreciated online photo editing suite on the planet, having millions of users every day. Use it to edit and create engaging and high-converting designs in minutes, starting from the thousands of gorgeous included templates

33. FreelanceLogoDesign


FreelanceLogoDeisgn will let you launch your logo design contest where 3 logo designers will compete on your project, sending 6 custom logos in 60 minutes or less. Pick the one you love and you are good to go.

Start now for $19.

34. Photo Creator

Photo Creator

Photo Creator is a free simple tool that allows for creating realistic photo collages in short minutes. Users can choose from thousands of models, objects, and backgrounds as well as add their own images to tell any story. So, anyone can easily compose a photo instead of searching for it.

35. Rhodos


Rhodos WordPress theme includes all essential elements that need to be included in your business or corporate web project. It includes a fully-featured blog and complete compatibility with WooCommerce plugin. A mobile-friendly layout of the theme reveals all pieces of your data in an outstanding way on all devices.

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