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There is no longer need keep riding along as an entrepreneur. FailoryC is the community where you will not only learn how to become a better founder, but also build networking connections and exchange feedback. A place where we appreciate failure and learn from it.

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How to Become a Better Founder?

You want to become a better founder, but…

You don’t have enough time to read +1,000 blog posts. Or carry out +100 growth hacks from a list article you found on Google. You are too tired to keep trying online experiments.

And we know that feeling sucks.

You constantly read interviews with successful entrepreneurs out there, or stories from people who became millionaires over night. And when you replicate their tactics, they don’t seem to work.

What if you could learn directly from the entrepreneurs behind those results?

Imagine yourself asking questions and getting advice from the most successful entrepreneurs on the internet. Imagine interacting directly with the great names of your business’ industry. And imagine learning from the behind-scenes, mistakes and failures committed by experienced startup founders.

We are FailoryC!

We are a community of entrepreneurs and startup founders learning from the sought-after thought leaders in the different business industries.

What's Included in FailoryC?

FailoryC will provide you with everything you will need to become a better founders. By this time next week, you will be one of those entrepreneurs who are interviewed on business platforms to talk about their success stories and behind-scenes tactics.

Slack FailoryC

Private Community on Slack

This is where you will be able to connect with a series of entrepreneurs and business owners from different industries. The private community aims to help you build a network you can turn to any time.

Weekly Live Q&A Sessions

Every week, we will carry out a live Q&A session with a well-known entrepreneur. Through the chat box, you will be able to comment your doubts and questions and get a response from one of the biggest names in the sector.

Q&A Sessions
Discounts FailoryC

+158 Discounts on Different Tools

We have partnered with 158 businesses to get discounts on different startup-related tools. These tools with help you on different business aspects. You could be saving $21,342!

Podcast - Early and Ad-Free

Our podcast contains AD spaces. We know how frustrating can they be, but they are our only way to monetize the project. However, if you join FailoryC, you will have earlier access to the podcast episodes which won’t contain any ADs.

FailoryC Podcast
Interview FailoryC

Interviews - Early & Audio

As a BONUS gift, we will share with you an audio version of our written interviews with entrepreneurs and you will have access to them earlier than everybody else. You will be the first one to be talking about that success / failure story.

But This is Not All!

Yeah, this is not all. We also have other features:

  • A mastermind tool where we will match you with similar entrepreneurs.
  • A place to find co-founders for your idea.
  • A forum where people will roast your startup idea.
  • A directory of the startups made by the members.
  • A virtual room for entrepreneurs to work together while being thousands of kilometers away.
FailoryC Podcast

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