Startup Consultation

These consultations are thought for small or medium startups and entrepreneurs riding along, that need help on the different stages of businesses.

We can focus on solving specific questions about your projects or on establishing strategies and action plans.

I've personally interviewed +80 failed startups and +50 successful ones, as well as talked with the founders of well-known startups. I also have great connections that I can intro you too, according to what you are struggling within your startup.

Here's what two recent buyers emailed me after the call:

"The consultation with Rich was one of my best investments so far. I'm an early-stage entrepreneur and Rich helped me challenge my business ideas.

He really got involved in the ideas and did an excellent research about their space. He's of course one of the best informed people out there about what makes or breaks a startup.

If you are smart and want to learn with other people's mistakes, you should consult him!"

Flavio Soriano
Flavio Soriano

"Rich! You're a rock star! This was truly helpful and has definitely made me think. I appreciate your help and would love to run things by you from time to time."

Vernique Francis
Vernique Francis
Founder of Curate My Life

"Rich provides a great balance of actionable tactics and high-level advice. He knows how to create and manage a content business and is very generous with his knowledge."

Max Joles
Max Joles
Consultant on Makerpad

There currently are two packages, but do not doubt to contact me if you need something customized.

Until April 1st, there's a huge discount on our services:

$80 $120

1 hour

$180 $250

3 hours