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34,531 Page Views, 4238 Email Subscribers and $120

In April we put little focus on marketing and growth. Instead, we put all of our efforts on building new cool stuff. Moreover, there was a huge improvement in our Google rankings. Read on to learn how did we get 10,407 sessions, 4,238 email subscribers, and $120.

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April has just finished and we are here one more time to share the strategies, numbers, revenue, and goals of this month.

April was definitely not as successful as previous months in terms of growth and revenue. This is because we dedicated the majority of our time to build a new project, (probably) called Startup Cemetery. It consists of a resource for entrepreneurs and startup owners with +100 analysis of why big companies, such as Vine, Juicero, and Yik Yak, have failed. If you want early access, you can request it here!

Now let's get into April report.


As we have just said, our main focus was to build the new side project. That is why we didn't focus a lot on marketing and growth. We neither had the opportunity to try new marketing strategies, as we said we were going to do on our previous monthly report.

Our main marketing strategies consisted of content promotion, social media, and SEO.

Content Promotion

A big percentage of our monthly traffic comes from the promotion of our interviews and blog posts. In April we published 4 interviews with failed startups:

The first one was “Gymlisted: Coding 8 Months a Thing Nobody Wanted”. It was a really interesting one and it went super well. 2,097 has already read it and it receives around 60 new pageviews per day. The main source of traffic was Reddit, as we submit it to the /r/EntrepreneurRideAlong and it received +50 upvotes. Some people arrived from Hacker News, and some others have strangely arrived from Google search.

Gymlisted Analytics

The second interview was “Autto.in: Burning $15,000 in Customer Acquisition”. This one went just okay. It was read 1,000 times and the readers mainly came from StumbleUpon.

The third interview was “Lockpick Entertainment: How Overshooting Killed a Gaming Studio”, and it was really like in the Entrepreneur Ride Along subreddit. Finally, the fourth interview was “ExploreVR: Losing $6,000 Building the TripAdvisor for VR”, which we still have to promote it.

Moreover, in April we published 3 interviews with successful entrepreneurs, which resulted in a lot of traffic. Adding up the three of them, they resulted in 3,081 pageviews and one of them was featured in Bootstrap Money, a really great newsletter sent weekly with the best links about bootstrapping.

Social Media

22.39% of the total traffic of April came from social media. The 3 social networks that brought the most amount of traffic were Reddit, StumbleUpon and Hacker News.

Analytics Social Media

On StumbleUpon and Hacker News, we only submit a link to new interviews when we publish them. So we don't dedicate them too much time, and still, bring a lot of traffic.

We dedicate some more time to Reddit. Our interviews fit the Entrepreneur subreddit and its rules do not allow you just to publish a link to the article. That is why we have to transcript the interview to markdown and create an attractive and catching introduction. This takes us some more time, but our Google analytics have shown us it is time-worthy.

Apart from this three social media, some traffic also comes from Facebook and Twitter. Last month we said we were going to start tweeting two times a day instead of three. We realized not so many people were arriving to the site from Twitter, so we decided to stop dedicating so much time to it.

And that is exactly what we did. We start tweeting twice a day: the first post is a quote about entrepreneurship, and the second tweets is a great link to an article we have recently found. This obviously reduced the number of people who arrived to our website from Twitter, but not that much.

Twitter Analytics Comparision

In fact, all social networks brought less traffic, and Reddit, for example, brought -56% than the previous month. So it is not a worrying thing. We will definitely keep tweeting this way.


Since we began Failory, we knew that optimization of our website for Google and the creation of blog articles and interviews would bring us a lot of traffic to the website.

In the beginning, the domain was really new, so we suffered from the Sandbox effect. But all the time we dedicated to SEO has finally started to bear fruits. In fact, 31,2% of our traffic came from organic search, making Google the channel that gave us the biggest amount of traffic this month!

2,370 users arrived to the website from Google on April. Compared with the 1,421 that came from Google in March, there was a 66.78% growth.

Analytics SEO Comparision

The majority of the Google traffic arrived at 5 main pages. In the first place, 654 users arrived at the Shark Tank ToyGaroo interview. ToyGaroo was a really famous business which failed some months ago, so there is still a lot of people googling it. Our interview has ranked on the first page of the keyword “ToyGaroo”, which receives 4,400 searches per month. Moreover, as our interview is the most interesting page for that keyword, the CTR is really high.

ToyGaroo Analytics

The second page that brought us a lot of traffic is our blog post talking about the startup failure rate. This interesting article (with an infographic) has ranked in the first page of different keywords, such as “startup failure rate” with 720 searches per month, and “startup success rate”, with 390 searches, resulting in 570 users. These were the main keywords that people searched when they clicked on this article.

Startuo Failure Rate Analytics

The third page was our homepage. It was clicked by 500 users, who were mainly searching for the keyword “failed startup”, which receives 880 searches per month, or keyword “failory”. For the first keyword, we are in the #1 position, which has brought us a lot of traffic.

Failed Startup Keyword

The fourth page that brought us a lot of traffic from Google was our article talking about the top Indian startups. It meant 288 users coming from a lot of different keywords with many searches. This article brings around 15-20 people to the website every day, and this is growing.

Top Indian Startups Analytics

Finally, the fifth article that brings traffic from Google is our naming a startup guide. With this article, our objective is a bit more difficult than with the other articles. We want to rank for the keyword “naming a startup”, which has 2,400 searches per month. We are still working on this, but in April this article meant 79 users!

Compared with March, there was a huge increase in the search engine optimization of the website. Almost all pages have received many more visitors coming from Google than last month.

April and March SEO Comparision


We have been sharing some of our numbers all along the report, but let's take a detailed look at them.

Google Analytics

On April, 7,583 users entered to our website, on 10,407 different sessions, and viewed 34,531 pages.

April Analytics

The top channels were organic search (31,2%), direct (31%), social media (22.4%) and referral (14.8%).

April Analytics Acquisition

Moreover, these were the pages that received the biggest amount of page views.

April Analytics Behaviour

Email Subscribers

Our lists hopefully continue growing. On March we had 4,052 email subscribers. We now have 4,238. This means we got 186 new subscribers, an average of 6.2 per day, and a growth rate of 4.59 %.

This is a worrying thing. These numbers have decreased a lot from previous months. As we have said, we have not dedicated too much time to marketing, but we can not afford to lose so many new email subscribers.


On April we tweeted 107 times, had 45.9K impressions, received 432 profile visits, were mentioned 54 times, and we got 36 new followers. As supposed, this numbers decreased a lot in comparison to the Twitter analytics of last month. But at least we didn't dedicate so much time to tweeting and could focus on building new cool stuff.

April Twitter Analytics

Revenue & Expenses

As we explained in our February report, we are monetizing our project (for now) only with sponsorships on our newsletter. In April we sent 4 newsletters, but only 3 of them were sponsored. This meant $120, as each sponsorship costs $40.

It is not a lot of money, but it is enough to pay our expenses ($20). For those readers who have just known us and are feeling quite annoyed right now, we started Failory as a side project and something we work on only on our free time. So we don't care too much about monetizing it (yet).


Almost none goals were completed :/ We didn't focus on marketing, and most of our goals are related to growth and they could only have achieved with a lot of promotion.

  • ✅ Publish 6 new interviews: We published 7 interviews, and their quality has grown a lot!
  • ❌ Receive 20,000 sessions: We only received 10,407 sessions. Almost the half of the goal.
  • ❌ Get 300 new emails subscribers: We only got 186 new subscribers. Again, a bit more of half of the goal.
  • ❌ Earn at least $160: We earned $120, $40 less than the goal. Not a big problem, as we were able to pay our expenses.

May will probably be a difficult month. We will try to keep publishing two interviews per week, but it will probably not always happen. We will continue focusing on Startup Cemetery, but I am not sure if we will be able to publicly launch it.

For this reason is that we are not going to set goals.

Thanks to everyone for the support we received in April. We have added a comment section below our interviews, and a little chat widget on the corner of the website. Moreover, we have created a roadmap, with all the tools and features we are planning to create. You can find it here, and you can vote and comment on each of our plans. Finally, we have added a donate button in the footer. If you enjoy and find useful our interviews, it would be awesome if you could help us with a few dollars!

Have a successful month!

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