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49,112 Page Visits, 5242 Email Subscribers and $435,79

July was a pretty successful month. +12K users visited the website, 250 of which subscribed to Failory newsletter. The SEO traffic grew a lot, and +50% of the traffic represented organic searches. I was also able to sell some sponsorships, so I made +$400.

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July went really well. I had a lot of time to work on the project, which resulted in a lot of content published and an increase in revenue. I didn't manage to get any interview viral on Hacker News or trending on Reddit as in previous months, but the traffic remained similar. The main reason for this is an impressive increase in the SEO traffic.

Go on reading if you want to learn the marketing strategies I carried out in July, the numbers of social networks and analytics, and Failory revenue & expenses.


As I had some more free time to work on the project than in previous months, I tested new different content promotion techniques and marketing strategies. However, the traffic of July didn't mainly come from social networks and direct channels as it used to happen in previous months, provoked by my content promotion efforts. Instead, organic search was the main channel of acquisition, representing the 53.1%.


In July I published 3 interviews with failed startup founders and 4 with successful entrepreneurs. Any of them went viral on any online community. They average received 750 - 1,500 page views. When being launched, the interviews usually receive a big spike of traffic, but during the next days, the number of users that read the interview every day decreases a lot.

Muun Traffic Analytics

The reason why no interviews went viral this month is that both the successful and failed business that I interviewed aren't/weren't really big companies, with a lot of founding and employees. Instead, they were side projects. I need to look for more big businesses founders that want to be interviewed, but the problem is that failed big businesses aren't willing to appear in Failory. Their founders prefer to forget about that sad story and don't want to confront any legal issues if they provide by error any confidential information.

To promote the interviews, I have started to automate a few of the channels. Every time I publish an interview or a blog article, an RSS is updated. I have created an IFTTT applet that checks the Failory RSS every 15 minutes, and if there is anything new, it posts in Failory Facebook page. The same happens with a few communities on Reddit that accepts submitting links.

Automation of Blog Promotion

Regarding the new content promotion techniques I told you before, I have started to test Pinterest, Linkedin Groups, Google+, Slack and different communities on the industry of the business.

Pinterest Account Failory

In Pinterest, I simply submit the link and add a short description of the content. On the different Linkedin Groups, I try to make the post look as most unique as possible, adding the name of the community and talking about posts that have recently been published there. Google+ sucks. I just wanted to check if I was able to send at least 1 user to the website :) As for Slack, there are lots of communities on every niche and industry you can imagine. I usually write a few words and I add the link to the article/interview. Finally, searching on Google for communities on the same niche of the business is an interesting technique to get your content read by people who are already interested in that sector.

Guest Posts

In July I published two guest posts on Failory. I didn't have to search for them and they were of really great quality, so I think it was a perfect deal. The first one talked about 10 success myths and was read a few hundreds of times without almost any promotion.

The second one was an amazing guide on how to do business copywriting properly, with more than 3,000 words. The author is a high-school student who made an amazing work collecting the best strategies and tips on how to carry out business copywriting. It meant +1,000 page views and thousands of reads on /r/Entrepreneur.

Business Copywriting Guide Reddit


Our SEO traffic kept increasing a lot in July. 6,525 users (53,1% of the total) came from organic searches. In June, SEO meant 4,875 users. So there has been a growth of 33.85%.


The big spike you can see there is caused by the interview with the Toygaroo founder. It is a failed startup that a few years ago went to Shark Tank. Every time the programme where they appear is shown on TV, there is a big spike in traffic resulting in 1,000 users in one day :0

From 122,500 impression they site received in July, 7,050 resulted in clicks on the website. This means an average CTR of 5.76%. The numbers of impressions, clicks and average position have grown in comparison to June.

Clicks and Impressions June-July

But where does all this traffic come from? Well, particularly from three pages.

Organic Traffic July 2018

This may be considered as a risk. But it is also a big business opportunity. As you can see from the chart, there are two articles about Indian startups that receive quite a lot of traffic. Especially the first one, which ranks for hundreds of keywords. So, making a partnership with an Indian business can result in being successful for the both of us.

Improvements & Features

I have been doing lots of improvements to the site. If you are a designer who constantly checks Failory, you have probably realized I have done many tweaks all over the website. The main change was on the navbar, which now has a drop-down menu with “tools”.

I was also able to keep working on the Startup Cemetery project, which is a page in which you will find +100 big companies that have failed and will be able to read their failure stories.

Finally, I created a really nice-looking /sponsorship page, which has even help me acquire one sponsorship this month!


We all love reading the numbers of a business, so here is the July number report.

Google Analytics

12,262 users entered Failory in 15,918 different sessions and visited 49,112 pages. The day with the least users was July 23, with 126. The day with the biggest amount of users was July 9, with 1297.

Google Analytics Audience

6,525 users arrived at the website from organic searches, representing the 53,1%. This means an average of 210 users per day. 3,278 users came from direct channels representing the 26,7%.

Google Analytics Acquisition July 2018

1,489 users came from social networks, meaning only the 12,1% of the traffic. These were the ten social networks that lead to the majority of the social traffic.

Social Media Traffic July

Regarding the behavior of the users, these were the ten pages that received the biggest amount of traffic in July. Without taking into account the homepage, which is the first one, the three pages that received the most traffic are mainly receiving from organic searches, which is the main reason why I want to work more on SEO and get traffic with other articles I have published.

Google Analytics Behaviour

Google Search Console

Failory received 125,238 impressions and 7,060 clicks on Google searches. This means an average CTR of 5.64%, which is not bad!

Google Search Console Data

As I told you above, three are the pages that receive the biggest amount of clicks. The rest can't even get compared. Regarding the keywords, they are quite more diversified. The “toygaroo” keyword is still getting a lot of traffic because of the monthly re-broadcasts of the Shark Tank episode in which this failed business appeared.

Google Search Console Keywords


I stopped tweeting that much with the Failory account, so in July I only got 13 followers and 376 profile visits, which is much fewer than in June (70 new followers and 1,184 profile visits). I basically stop tweeting because it meant a lot of time searching for great articles to share and writing the tweets, tagging the writers and the blogs. However, I am considering automating the sharing on Twitter with different tools, such as Buffer.

Twitter Analytics July

Email Newsletter

At the end of June, Failory newsletter had 4,992 email subscribers. I now have 5,242. This means there are now 250 new email subscribers and that there has been a growth rate of 5.01%.

I have created a Google Spreadsheet with all the interesting numbers of Failory, copying the format and information of Matt Giovanisci, on this MoneyLab experiment. I thought it was interesting to share it with you. I still need to add and delete some rows to adapt it to Failory business model.

Google Spreadsheet Failory July 2018

Revenue & Expenses

So July was the month with the biggest number of money earned, since launching Failory 12 months ago. I earned $435,79 :)

The first days of July, a guy reached me and offered me $90 for adding a link to his name generator business on one of the Failory articles. I thought it was a great and easy to carry out idea, so I accepted it.

Then, the team from Paved sent me a message through their platform offering $200 for sending a dedicated email to Failory 5,000 email subscribers promoting their new eBook about how to get sponsorships. I thought the eBook was something that it would interest my subscribers and it was free. So I sent the email.

Furthermore, I was able to sell a two-weeks AD slot on our interview pages for $135 to Abi Noda, founder of Pull Reminders. This went really well. 215 users clicked on the AD, resulting in a CPC of only $0.62.

Finally, my affiliate links resulted in 628 clicks, and with a conversion of 0,96% (really low!), I made $10,79.

Amazon Affiliates July 2018

Regarding the expenses, I paid $20 for Webflow monthly hosting and $60 (a lot!) on fees for the dedicated email. I also hired a freelancer from the Philippines to get some interviewees with failed startup owners. This costed $50.

So the real profit in July is $305.79.


Goals aren't working. I haven't check my “set goals” of June since launching June monthly report. Anyway, I was able to achieve three of them.

  • ✅Get +20,000 page views - Failory got 49,112.
  • ✅Sell one sponsorship - I was able to sell two.
  • ✅Launch a cool page or project: I launched the sponsorship page, which is doing it really well!
  • ❌Get +300 new email subscribers - I only got 250. I achieved the 83% of the goal.

I will probably stop setting goals as, I have said, they aren't working for me.

Thanks for reading this long report and helping me build Failory with feedback and nice comments :) I will probably tell you some great news in August monthly report, so keep an eye on the site!

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