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52,217 Page Views, 4052 Email Subscribers and $200

We didn't have too much time to work on Failory in March. Yet, we were able to complete almost all of our monthly goals. Our website received 19,381 sessions, we got 400 new email subscribers and we earned $200 from sponsorships on our newsletter.

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We are not really inspired to write a lot, so we will keep this report short and sweet. In fact, we didn't have too much time to work on the project, so we weren't able to do big improvements.

Yet, we wanted to share with you our monthly numbers and briefly explain our marketing strategies. Go on reading to learn more about them.


As we have said, we didn't have too much time to work on Failory in March. That is why we didn't have the opportunity to try new marketing strategies we had in our minds. We just focused on publishing interviews and improving our website.

As for marketing strategies, they were similar to the ones carried out in February 2018.

Content Promotion

On March we published 5 interviews with failed startups and 6 with successful entrepreneurs, talking about their mistakes. We only promoted the best ones, and some of them went viral on different communities.

The content promotion strategy we use basically consists of:

  • Our email newsletter
  • Hacker News and Designer News
  • Reddit
  • Startup Facebook groups
  • Failory social media
  • StumbleUpon
  • Other small communities

700 - 1,500 people visit the website after the promotion of the interview. The four interviews that were read the most were:

The reason why they got so many reads were that they went viral on the Entrepreneur subreddit. They all received around 300 votes and, apart from being read on Failory website around 1,500 times, they were read inside Reddit 15,000-30,000 times.

Although I thought there were some interviews that perfectly fit the community, we didn't go viral on Hacker News this month. Maybe in April?

Social Media

It was a great month for social media marketing. We tweeted a lot, posted on our FB page and participated in different FB groups. 25.8% of March traffic came from social media, which means 3,689 users. This keeps us motivated to continue working on social media, but our Analytics tell us we should take a look at other social networks.

You probably know how much we love Twitter. We are constantly tweeting quotes, sharing content and letting know our followers how are things going with Failory. However, traffic coming from Twitter only represented the 3.75% of the social media traffic, meaning only 139 users. We monthly dedicate a lot of time to curating content and sharing it on Twitter, so 139 users don't seem like a great time cost-benefit relation.

We will definitely not stop tweeting. But we also won't continue dedicating too much time to Twitter. As the first measure, we have decided to start tweeting two times a day instead of three. The third tweet of the day was really time-consuming, as we usually recommended new tools and software, which were really difficult to find. We think this measure will decrease our growth rate of Twitter followers per month, as well as our traffic coming from this social network, but will allow us to dedicate more time to other social networks which will send more traffic to Failory.

So, which are these new social networks? The truth is that we still don't know. We have been thinking about starting on Pinterest. Lately, we are in contact with many bloggers and some of them have recommended us to carry out Pinterest marketing. It is not yet an over-saturated channel and there are a lot of articles and courses to learn how to do it properly.

The second social network is Quora. We have some experience with this great channel. No big results, but probably not a big effort put on it. We will soon give it another chance.

As for Facebook, we are considering stop posting on it. Our FB page almost doesn't send any traffic to our website. FB groups, instead, work pretty well. We need to find more active groups yet, but even now, they mean a big monthly traffic (and they really frequently download our eBook, which in many cases means a new email subscriber!).

Guest Posting

In March, we dedicated some big time to completing interviews on other websites and writing content about startups on different blogs. Our aim was not only to get some traffic from these articles, but also to get some high-quality backlinks for SEO purposes.

In the first place, we published 3 articles about lean startups on 3 different blogs. These articles are in Spanish, because, as you have probably noticed, we aren't English native speakers. The main objective with this guest-posting was to get SEO backlinks.

In the second place, we completed 2 interviews, one of which has already been published. You can find it here. On our interviews, we usually try to give readers some value and a real demonstration of what starting a side project means. Many people have arrived at our website from this interview, and will probably do it from the interview that hasn't been published yet.


Let's get into the three main numbers of Failory.


13,931 users entered to our website on March in 19,381 sessions, and viewed 52,217 pages. The average number of pages per sessions was 2.69, and the average session duration was 2:36.

Analytics Failory March 2018

The majority of our users were American English speakers (63.43%), followed by British English speakers (13.82%). 5,035 users were from the United States, and 1,150 were from the United Kingdom.

As for acquisition, these were the numbers:

Acquisition Failory March 2018

Finally, these were the 10 most viewed pages in March:

Behaviour Failory March 2018

Email Subscribers

Our newsletter continued growing in March. We ended up February with 3,650 subscribers. We now have 4,052. This means our list acquired 402 new email subscribers, an average of 13 per day, growing by 11.01%.

Around 200 subscribers came from the homepage. Another big number of subscribers came from our free eBook, which includes the option to subscribe to our newsletter or not. The rest came from a pop-up on our interviews and blog posts.


We still consider Twitter analytics important for Failory, so let's take a look at the numbers. We tweeted 139 times, an average of 4.5 per day. Our profile received 623 visits and we were mentioned in 218 tweets. However, we only got 29 new followers. At the end of March, we had 556 Twitter followers.

Twitter Analytics March 2018

The happiest moment we had on Twitter this month, was being mentioned by a journalist of Wired. He tweeted some nice words about our website, which meant some new visitors.

Happy Tweet March 2018

Revenue & Expenses

It was a great month in term of revenue. As explained in our February report, we are monetizing our project with sponsorships on our newsletter. We have other plans for the future, but we still want to improve the website before carrying them out.

We sent 5 newsletter emails in March. On each of them, we included advertisements from different companies. A sponsorship on our newsletter right now costs $60. However, the agency that looks advertisers for our newsletter, charges $20. So, for each sponsorship, we make $40. This means we earned $200.

It is not a lot, but we almost don't have any expenses, so we can reinvest it all. The only monthly recurring expense is the hosting on Webflow, which only costs $16.


Last month goals were not really ambitious. We know we were not going to have a lot of time to work on the project, so we set some simple to accomplish goals:

  • ✅ Publish 6 new interviews: We published 11 interviews.
  • ❌ Receive 20,000 sessions: We got 19,381 sessions. We kind of achieve it ;)
  • ✅ Get 300 new emails subscribers: We got 400 subscribers.
  • ✅ Earn at least $160: We earned $200.

The goals for this month will be the same as previous month goals. We will have less time to work on Failory, so I am not sure we will be able to accomplish them all.

Thanks to everyone for the support we received this month. We have added a feedback chat box at the corner below, so it would be awesome if you could share with us your feedback or any personal opinions (or just want to talk!). Thanks!

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