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Gusto Series A Pitch Deck in 2014 | Failory

December 28, 2021
Pitch Decks
Gusto, formerly ZenPayRoll, transforms the way businesses operate by providing tools to manage payroll, benefits, and HR in one place.
FinTech, Payments, HR
Business Model:
Series A
Amount Raised:
VC, Corporate

Gusto Pitch Deck

Gusto, formerly known as ZenPayroll, is a USA startup that was founded in California in 2012. It offers clients HR, payroll, and benefits management services. The list of products includes employee onboarding forms, such as work authorization and direct deposit, health insurance enrollment and administration, tax management, and many more. The company also operates in all 50 US states.

This pitch deck was prepared for their first funding round in 2012 when the enterprise managed to raise more than $6M from investors and tech giants such as Google Ventures, Data Collective, Sherpalo Ventures, and Salesforce.com. The presentation has a unique style, mimicking code in the style of presenting the text on the slides. Generally speaking, going for gimmicks like that is a risky move, but it could prove beneficial in case you are competing for attention against other startups in e.g. startup pitch events. That said, you need to make sure that clarity doesn’t suffer when you go for a similar approach.

Between 2012 and 2021, Gusto has managed to collect funding of $516.1M from a total of 17 rounds. Among the investors are CapitalG, General Catalyst, Google Capital, Dragoneer Investment Group, T. Rowe Price, Y Combinator, and more.

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