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What is Failory?

Failory is the #1 community for startup founders and entrepreneurs to learn from failure and to share their mistakes.

Failory audience consists of +140,000 users who visit the website +20,000 times every month, visiting +60,000 pages. They're founders, CEOs, VPs, web and mobile developers, makers, consultants, marketers, bloggers, product managers, and other thought leaders and decision-makers in the startup and entrepreneurial industry and at businesses like:

If you want to get your product in front of thousands of potential customers and that no AD Block can prevent it, check out the following options.


Launch Month

Startup Cemetery - Not Available Yet!

  • We are about to launch the Startup Cemetery,  analyzing why +100 big companies have failed.

  • We are going to launch it on Product Hunt, Reddit and hundreds of other communities. Journalists from different platforms will give us press coverage.

  • Get your business featured on the +100 company pages and reach all the audience that will arrive to the project during the launch month.


One Month

Interview AD - Available!

  • AD space between the content of our interviews with failed and successful entrepreneurs. It looks like this.

  • All these interviews summed up receive +30,000 monthly page views

  • Averages 300-400 clicks depending on the business

  • Estimated CPC: Around $1.00

  • Add an intro text at the beginning of the interview, giving a lot more exposure for only $80


One Month

Homepage AD - Available!

  • Two AD spaces between the interview cards on the homepage. It looks like this.

  • The homepage receives between 10,000-15,000 page views every month.

  • 250-350 estimated clicks

  • Estimated CPC: Less than $1.00


Per Email

Newsletter Promotion - Available next week!

  • Appear in our weekly newsletter delivered to +5,000 entrepreneurs. Looks like this.

  • With an open rate of 20%, 1,000 subscribers would see the AD.

  • Averages 30-80 clicks

  • Estimated CPC: Around $1.20


One Month

Featured Tool - Not Available!

  • - Get your SaaS or tool featured on Entrepreneurial Lists. It looks like this.

  • Entrepreneurial Lists receives an average of 1,000 page views per month

  • Average 30-80 clicks

  • Estimated CPC: Around $1.20

We do customized advertising packages with better prices. We also give discounts for many month advertisements. Feel free to contact us to learn more about them!