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The Most Complete List of Accelerators & Incubators

The top 100 accelerators and incubators are probably not the best fit with your startup. That's why we've curated this sheet containing 2,658 of these firms.

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Accelerators & Incubators Sheet

What's Included?

For each of the 2,658 accelerators and incubators:

General information:

  • Website
  • Country
  • City
  • Founders
  • Founded Date
  • Number of Investments
  • Number of Exits

Investment information:

  • Industries (*)
  • Rounds/Stages (**)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it include ALL accelerators?
Not all of them, but all of the biggest ones are definitely on the list.

(*) What does "Industries" mean?
It means the industries in which the accelerator generally invests (FinTech, BioTech, etc.)

(**) What does "Rounds/Stages" mean?
It means the startup's rounds in which the accelerator generally invests (Seed, Series A, etc.)

How can I apply to these accelerators?
You simply have to visit the accelerator's website and check their Contact or Apply pages.

+2,500 Accelerators & Incubators to Choose From

Download our list of accelerators and incubators and find the ones that fit the best with your startup.