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🕐 First Steps

The first steps when creating a startup are definitely the most difficult ones. Most of the startups fail within the first year of starting. This is why you have to be cautious and carry out intelligent actions. Check out our articles on how to start creating your business!

📈 Growth

Once you have built your startup, it is time to start getting customers and growing. There is an infinite number of ways to promote your business and reach your customers. Check out our articles listing some of these strategies and tools to do it!

⚠️ Mistakes

Throughout your startup journey, you will probably commit many mistakes and make bad decisions - this is inevitable. The key is to know how to solve them quickly and get your business moving again. Check out our articles on usual mistakes entrepreneurs make.

💀 Failure

You probably don't want your startup to join the club of the 90% startups that fail. Then, you need to learn from mistakes and failure. Check out our articles about common failure reasons, usual mistakes made by startup founders and strategies to avoid failing.

🔎 Case Study

The best way to learn about entrepreneurship is to read about entrepreneur's failure and success stories. Check out our case studies of how these entrepreneurs have built their startups. Repeat their successes and avoid their mistakes!

🇮🇳 India

India is one of the countries with more startups. The government encourages the creation of new businesses. Find some information about the best Indian startups and learn how to build one there.

💬 Reviews

Startups & businesses need to take advantage of the existing tools in the market. In order to build, grow and monetize our startups, we have used many different software, which we have reviewed in detailed.

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