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Hey, I'm Nico!

I'm the guy behind Failory, a content site for startup founders (with +200,000 monthly users).

I'm 21 years old and I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I work on Failory as a side-project, when I'm not studying for university.

I'm active on Twitter at @nicocerdeira. You can reach me out through email at And you can learn more about me on my personal website.

Some FAQs I Receive

What is Failory?

Failory is a content site for startup founders and entrepreneurs.

I started as a website where I interviewed the founders of failed startup. That's where "Failory" comes from: failure + story.

However, nowadays, despite the site still has a focus on failure and mistakes, it has extended to other content types and topics.

The website currently has:

That was exhausting to write and read, just imagine to create...

How can I be updated on what you publish?

The best way is to subscribe to Failory's newsletter.

I send weekly emails with the latest content, some updates on the behind scenes of Failory and some startup-related articles and podcasts I find interesting.

How is Failory built?

I've built everything using no-code tools, particularly Webflow.

If you go to the Tools page and select "Yes" on "Used by Failory?", you'll see all the tools I'm currently using to manage the business.

How is Failory monetized?

How can I sponsor Failory?

Go to Failory's Sponsors page and you'll find the details of the sponsorship packages.

You can then reach me out at if you want to proceed or need more details.

How can I be interviewed?

Just go to Failory's Contribute page and fill the form there, depending on whether you want to be interviewed on your failed or successful startup.

The interviews are done through a Google Document and it generally takes 1-2 hours to complete it.

How can I write on your blog?

I'm not accepting guest or paid posts/links right now.

So please stop sending me emails to get your article on Failory's blog. I receive +10 of these every day and I generously reject them all.

How can I contact you?

You can reach me out at

But you can't reach me out if you're looking to publish a guest or paid post/link on Failory. Please.

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