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Failory is read by +60,000 startup founders and entrepreneurs every month. Collaborate with these thousands of entrepreneurs by writing an article on the site, sharing your success story, or being interviewed on your failed startup.

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Failory receives around 60,000 page views every month, and the content is read by more than 20,000 startup founders. You can check our statistics on our /open page. Getting your content/story in front of this people will mean a lot of exposure for your business and services.

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Startup founders who read our interviews and articles are mainly looking for ways to grow their businesses. We generally promote the content on lots of communities, social networks and our mailing list. Getting your business and services in front of all this people can lead to many new customers.

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Our interviews and guest posts are allowed to contain any number of backlinks, as long as they refer to great and relevant content. With a domain authority of 35, and an average page authority of +20, your backlinks will transfer some great SEO juice that will help you rank your site on Google.

✏️ Guest Post

We don't accept guest posts. Many months ago, we did accept them, but due to the low content quality delivered by 99% of the contributors, we have decided to stop accepting them, no matter what.

So please don't email us suggesting topics for a guest post. We literally receive +10 of these emails per day and we reject them all.

❌ Failure Interview

We weekly publish interviews with failed startup founders. If you have failed to build a business, we would love to publish your entrepreneurial story. Our main goal with this is to share common mistakes made by business people so that entrepreneurs can avoid them.

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Complete this short form in which we will ask you for some information about the failed startup, and wait to receive our email with the questions of the interview.

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In exchange for sharing your failure story, you will get the chance to promote your business and explain the readers the service you offer. You can also add the number of backlinks you want so it will mean some SEO boost. Moreover, you will meet some nice people and make some great friends.

Do you fit for this interview? You only need three things: to have a failed startup, to be willing to share your mistakes and failures, to have some time to answer the questions.

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✅ Success Interview

We weekly publish interviews with successful entrepreneurs. We ask them all about their personal background, the beginnings of their startup, the growth and marketing strategies they used, and the mistakes they have committed in the process so that the readers can avoid them.

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Answer a few questions that will help us write an interview that perfectly fits your case. Then wait for us to reach you and send you the questions.

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This is an amazing opportunity to put your business and software in front of thousands of startup founders and entrepreneurs who are searching for products that will make their lives easier.

Do you fit for this interview?
You need to have a startup that is making some monthly revenue, be willing to share your entrepreneurial journey and be completely transparent.

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