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Amiato was a startup founded in 2011 that provided real-time integration services to extract unstructured data from flexible databases such as NoSQL and MongoDB. With this, Amiato created a structure that could then be analyzed with its technology and business intelligence tools. This included interactive ad-hoc analysis, reports, and capabilities to combine silos. 

The service offered an efficient way of integrating new endpoints and allowed customers to keep up with changes in their data. The service also included a cloud-based data warehouse which provided a more affordable option for storing and querying data.


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Cause of Failure

A few months before Amiato was set to launch, the company was hit by unfavorable news. Amazon had launched its Redshift data warehousing service which was more or less exactly what Amiato was offering. This was a hitch for the new startup which already had a few customers.

In 2014, Amazon Web Services expanded its reach in the world of big data analytics and data warehousing using its service Redshift. According to the CTO, Werner Vogels, the tool turned out to be AWS’s fastest-growing product ever.

Around the same time, Amazon acquired Amiato. Most of the employees of the startup went to work for Amazon and while there were no updates by Amiato on its service, the website didn’t announce that the service was closing either. Due to the new positions of Amiato staff in Amazon, the decision seemed like a talent acquisition.


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