Avalon Books

Book publisher for romance and mystery novels
Amazon Cemetery
Acquisition Flu


Avalon Books was a family-owned book publishing imprint founded in the 1950s by Thomas Bouregy.

The company had been passed down through the generations and specialized in romance and mystery genres, including titles from popular authors such as Holly Jacobs, Carolyn Hughey, and Carolyn Brown.

In 2012, Avalon Books was bought by Amazon. The owner expressed that they were pleased to be working with Amazon publishing as it would help them in digitizing the books and retaining them for the future.


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Cause of Failure

The acquisition of Avalon Books in 2012 gave Amazon rights for publishing 3000 books in the popular mystery, romance, and western genres. None of those books were available in digital formats at the time so it was a unique opportunity for Amazon to increase its selection for Kindle users. An Amazon spokesperson expressed excitement about having some of Avalon’s talented authors on board.

The acquisition was made at a time when Amazon was trying to become a key player in the book publishing business. By 2011, the e-commerce giant had launched its first imprint and ran eight different publishing lines. Acquiring traditional titles from such companies allowed Amazon to increase the number of original titles for its users.

The Avalon brand is no longer active.


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