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E-commerce for shoes and accessories
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Endless.com was launched in December 2007 as Amazon’s first separate e-commerce brand. The platform focused exclusively on shoes and accessories including handbags, jewelry, watches, and more. It was a fashion-forward e-commerce store featuring products from a wide selection of brands, predominantly marketed towards female audiences.

Endless.com combined its fashionable offerings with all the benefits of shopping online on Amazon which included free shipping and free returns.


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Cause of Failure

On September 27th, 2012, Amazon closed Endless.com and shifted its operations to Amazon.com/fashion. The announcement was displayed on the front page of Endless.com some days before the shutdown.

While Amazon was shutting down this fashion store exclusively reserved for shoes and accessories, customers would still be able to buy shoes, jewelry, apparel, and more through Amazon’s main website. Customers who visited the site after the shutdown were redirected to the Fashion section of Amazon’s website.

According to a spokesperson from Amazon, the switch was prompted by Amazon’s focus on delivering a much better fashion experience for consumers. It should be noted that at the time, Amazon had two other fashion websites (Zappos and Shopbop) which remained operational. Amazon believed that its main website and the two other shopping sites were indeed delivering a well-rounded e-commerce experience to meet all the fashion needs of its customers.

Back in 2012, Amazon was also making major profits from its successful flash sales website MyHabit.com which also dealt with fashion products. Between all these fashion-focused sites owned by Amazon, it is clear that Endless.com became a bit obsolete and redundant in Amazon’s website portfolio.


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