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Mindcorps Incorporated was founded in 1999 by Eric Best. It was a software and consultancy company that created applications such as online chats and web-based databases for websites.

The company served many Fortune 500 enterprises and high profile clients including Microsoft, Hasbro, Universal Studios, Kodak Polychrome Graphics, Network associates, and more.

Mindcorps Inc. had built some of the first online stores and auctions back in the day. Therefore, they caught the attention of the popular online e-commerce company Amazon. In 1999, Mindcorps Inc. was bought by Amazon and the founder Eric Best went to work for the e-commerce giant. There, he became a part of Amazon’s business development and established connections with big companies like Toys R Us.


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Cause of Failure

Mindcorps Inc. was dissolved in 2000 but the reason behind the dissolution remains undisclosed. Most likely offering consultancy services to other (possibly competing) tech companies didn’t make sense once Mindcorps was part of Amazon and its resources and know-how were simply absorbed and used exclusively for the needs of the e-commerce giant.

The founder of Mindcorps Inc. served Amazon for some time and later founded another marketing consultancy business named Mercents. In 2018, he founded a company named SoundCommerce and is now serving as its CEO.


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