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The Best 5 Blog Writing Services in 2023


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If you're looking to make your business stand out, starting a blog can be a great option. Not only does it improve your website's SEO, but it can also position your brand as a leading authority in your industry. A blog also helps to connect with your customers and keep them interested. 

With so many choices available, finding the right blog writing service for your business can be a tricky task.

Below are our top five services to create engaging and targeted blog content.

Best 5 Blog Writing Services 


Embarque is an SEO content marketing agency that specializes in providing high-quality services at a fixed monthly cost. Their services include SEO keyword research, content republishing, blog posts, backlinks, landing pages, and content audits.


Embarque offers three pricing plans:

  • The Startup package, priced at $899 per month, provides 2-4 posts with a total of 4,500 words. It includes content planning, basic keyword research, and product-led SEO writing. You'll also have access to 2 discovery calls to discuss your content strategy. Optional add-ons like CMS publishing are available for an extra 10% fee.
  • The Steer package is priced at $1,399 per month and offers 4-7 posts totaling 8,000 words. Along with content planning, basic keyword research, and product-led SEO writing, you'll have 4 discovery calls to refine your content strategy. Similar to the Startup package, you can choose to include CMS publishing for an additional 10% fee
  • Embarque also provides a Custom option for clients who have their own article plans and outlines. The pricing for the Custom package is available upon request and includes personalized services such as a dedicated project manager, discounted long-term rates, and up to 5 hours of team meetings.

Price per word:

To determine the price per word for each agency, we'll take the total cost of each plan per month and divide it by the total number of words provided per month. (this doesn’t take into account their additional services)

  • Startup Package: $899/month for 4,500 words = $0.20/word.
  • Steer Package: $1,399/month for 8,000 words = $0.17/word.

How they work:

Embarque's SEO services are quite straightforward. After placing an order, you will be given a questionnaire to provide essential information about your brand, competitors, and target topics.

Embarque's team then utilizes machine learning and SEO tools to search for relevant long-tail keywords with low difficulty. Once the research is complete, they compile a comprehensive list of keywords to fuel your SEO growth. This list is carefully organized and cleaned before being sent to you.


Embarque's service-based business model appears to be highly focused on providing SEO content marketing solutions to bootstrappers and tech startups. It’s also great how they’re committed to understanding and aligning with their client's products’ use cases to create content around that.

Previous work:

Embarque recognizes the importance of high-quality content in a time flooded with readily AI-generated material. They offer plenty of examples on their sample page, showcasing their writing ability and diverse portfolio across industries.

2) Content Cucumber 

Content Cucumber

Content Cucumber is a company that offers a convenient solution for businesses looking for professional writing services for their blogs, marketing emails, and web copy. Recognizing the challenges of platforms like Upwork, Content Cucumber was founded to provide a reliable and time-saving alternative. 

Instead of dealing with some of the headaches associated with traditional freelancing platforms, Content Cucumber offers a unique freelancing alternative in the form of a content writing subscription. By subscribing to their services, businesses can benefit from a dedicated team of skilled writers, ensuring consistent and high-quality content delivery without the hassle of managing individual freelancers.


Content Cucumber offers three pricing plans for their professional writing services. 

  • The Seed plan is priced at $490 per month plus a $199 one-time setup fee and provides a dedicated writer, 100 words per business day (or 500 words of AI content editing), free revisions, and free stock images. 
  • The Sprout plan, priced at $750 per month with the same setup fee, includes all Seed plan features. It comes with an additional 200 words per business day (Or 1000 words of AI content editing) with the addition of a faster turnaround time, the opportunity to meet with your writer, and premium stock images embedded in your content. 
  • The Bloom plan is priced at $1350 per month plus the setup fee and offers all the features of the Sprout plan. It comes with an additional 400 words per business day (or 2000 Words of AI Content Editing), along with an even faster turnaround time and access to a shared Slack channel for communication. 

Price per word:

  • Seed Plan: $490/month for 2,000 words (100 words x 20 business days) = $0.25/word.
  • Sprout Plan: $750/month for 4,000 words (200 words x 20 business days) = $0.19/ word.
  • Bloom Plan: $1,350/month for 8,000 words (400 words x 20 business days) = $0.17/ word.

How they work:

Content Cucumber operates by assigning each client a dedicated writer to maintain a consistent brand voice. Clients have direct communication with their writers via email or other preferred channels. Their team of writers commits to delivering work at a steady pace of 400 words per business day. For example, if a client orders an 800-word article on Monday, they can expect a revised version in their inbox by Wednesday afternoon. 


Based on some of their reviews, Content Cucumber is highly regarded for its quality of work, efficient turnaround time, and affordability. I like their pricing structure which makes it convenient for businesses to easily incorporate their services into their marketing budget.

Previous work:

Content Cucumber's sample work can be accessed through their blog. Overall, produces easy-to-read and well-structured content. Similar to Embarque, they showcase a diverse range of examples that cover various industries. 

Content Cucumber 


Scribly is a content marketing agency that specializes in providing content marketing services to businesses of all types. With a simple monthly fee structure and no contracts or hiring hassle, Scribly aims to help businesses boost their website traffic and generate leads.

Scribly understands the importance of aligning content with the company’s objectives. By sharing your goals, they can effectively utilize your content to craft various strategies tailored to your needs. This includes SEO-optimized blog content, high-converting landing pages, compelling advertisements, and even creating a whole content strategy for your business.


Scribly offers three pricing plans

  • The Micro Package, priced at $599 per month, is perfect for starting a blog, providing 2,000 words of content with keyword research, topic creation, and a monthly content calendar. 
  • The Mega Package, priced at $1450 per month, is ideal for publishing weekly content and includes 6,500 words along with the same valuable services. For businesses looking to publish weekly and significantly boost traffic.
  • Turbo Package is available at $4300 per month, offering 20,000 words of content. All packages come with dedicated account managers and have no revision cap, ensuring a personalized and hassle-free experience. 

Price per word:

  • Micro Package: $599/month for 2,000 words= $0.30/word.
  • Mega Package: $1,450/month for 6,500 words = $0.22/word.
  • Turbo Package: $4,300/month for 20,000 words = $0.21/word.

How they work:

The process of working with Scribly is designed to be efficient and quick. Clients can choose from pre-designed content packages or opt for a one-time order. They then provide a brief for the article using Scribly's step-by-step process. 

This process begins by analyzing your target audience, identifying their needs, and assessing competitor content to uncover opportunities. Next, they craft a plan that aligns with your business objectives. Once the plan is in place, Scribly starts producing content. 


It’s great that Scribly offers unlimited revisions. They also have a great streamlined process for working with them, from choosing a package to providing a brief and receiving the finished product within a few working days, providing a convenient and efficient experience for their clients.

Previous work:

Scribly showcases a diverse range of samples in their case studies site. I like how they provide real data when talking about their case studies. Their client base is spread, highlighting their experience working with businesses of various sizes and industries worldwide. 

4) RyseHQ


RyseHQ is a business that specializes in helping businesses scale without the need for expensive agencies or in-house talent. They’re an all-in-one content marketing service, including blog writing, unlimited graphic design, and unlimited video design. 

RyseHQ acknowledges the significance of blogging for SEO and driving traffic to a website. They understand that consistently producing 3-4 blogs or articles per week can be time-consuming and challenging for businesses. So, RyseHQ aims to alleviate this burden by offering professional blog writing services to ensure a consistent flow of high-quality content.


RyseHQ offers the RYSE Ultimate plan priced at $4,000 per month. This plan includes unlimited design and content writing services to cater to your needs. the RYSE Ultimate plan also offers customized content strategy, unlimited blogs and articles, competitor keyword analysis, monthly strategy calls, and premium support.

  • Each piece of content goes through a thorough research, writing, and proofreading/editing process to ensure high standards. On average, it takes about 36 hours per 1,000 words to deliver the completed article.
  • With RyseHQ's unlimited content offering, you can submit as many content pieces as you need each month. However, the team aims to maintain a balance between quantity and quality, targeting around 15,000-18,000 written words per month per subscription. Also, they work on one piece at a time to ensure the best quality for your blogs and articles.

Price per word:

The subscription cost is $4,000/month for around 15,000-18,000 words. Therefore;

  • $4,000 / 18,000 words = $0.22/word.
  • $4,000 / 15,000 words = $0.27/word.

How they work:

RyseHQ operates through an easy process to deliver its services effectively. Users can create unlimited project requests from the Ryse Dashboard, providing their specific requirements. Then, an assigned senior creator is chosen based on the project's needs, ensuring the right skill set for each task. 

Feedback and revisions are facilitated through the built-in messaging system, allowing for efficient communication and collaboration. Lastly, users have the flexibility of unlimited revisions until they are completely satisfied. Once the articles are approved, they can be viewed and downloaded from the integrated File Manager, enabling easy access to final files.


RyseHQ sets itself apart by offering graphic and video assistance alongside content writing. This all-in-one platform approach can be highly beneficial for businesses seeking an integrated solution to their content marketing needs. 

While the pricing may be slightly higher compared to other services, the value lies in the convenience gained from having multiple essential services provided by a single provider.

Previous work:

RyseHQ's sample work is on their home page. Their samples cover e-commerce, senior services, and real estate, showcasing their ability to produce engaging and industry-specific content.


5) Reel Unlimited

Reel Unlimited

Reel Unlimited offers a similar approach to RyseHQ as an all-in-one solution for creative services. Reel Unlimited provides businesses with unlimited access to their team of experts in graphic design, animation, web design, UI/UX design, and blog writing through a flat monthly fee.

Their aim is to craft high-quality content that reflects the client's brand and effectively reaches their target audience. This allows businesses to focus on their core operations while Reel Unlimited takes care of the creative side of things.


Reel Unlimited offers three pricing tiers to cater to different business needs:

  • Professional: $695/month. It offers unlimited requests and revisions, along with SurferSEO and Frase blog content for optimized articles. The plan includes conversion copywriting and provides a daily output of 400 words. It offers a turnaround time of 24-48 hours. This tier also offers graphic design, illustrations, logo design, presentations, video editing, and motion graphics as additional features.
  • Unlimited: $995/month. It includes all the writing services provided in the Professional tier, with an increased daily output of 800 words and the ability to have 2 active requests per day. This tier also offers double the daily output, allowing for more content creation. 
  • Ultimate: $1295/month and includes all the services provided in the Unlimited tier. It also provides SEO technical content, conversion copywriting, increased daily output of 1200 words, and the ability to have 2 active requests per day. In addition to the writing services, the Ultimate tier introduces additional features, including UI/UX design with Figma, Webflow design and development, Shopify design and development, and GoHighLevel funnel and website integration. 

Price per word:

  • Professional: $695/month for (400 words/day * 20 business days) 8,000 words = $0.09/word.
  • Unlimited: $995/month for (800 words/day * 20 business days) 16,000 words -> $995 / 16,000 = $0.06/word.
  • Ultimate: $1,295/month for (1,200 words/day * 20 business days) 24,000 words -> $1,295 / 24,000 = $0.05/word.

How they work:

Users start by subscribing to a plan that suits their needs. They can then submit their requests with no limitations on the number of submissions. Reel Unlimited's team of creatives begins working on the projects and aims to deliver completed work within 1-2 days. 

Clients have the benefit of unlimited revisions to ensure their satisfaction with the final output. Once a project is completed, clients can instantly download the design or content files, while Reel Unlimited moves on to the next project in the client's queue. 


Reel Unlimited is the cheapest out of all the agencies highlighted and, like RyseHQ, distinguishes itself by also offering a comprehensive approach to content creation. However, Reel Unlimited goes beyond by providing a wide range of creative services, including graphic design, animation, web design, and UI/UX design. This all-inclusive approach allows businesses to access various design elements alongside their writing needs.

Previous work:

Reel Unlimited samples are on their portfolio page. They demonstrate an informational and brand-aligned approach. The samples cover various topics such as virtual office services, graphic design processes, product reviews, data privacy, whistleblowing protection, and more.

Reel Unlimited

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does it Cost to Write a Blog?

According to a survey conducted by, the rates for freelance blog post writing in 2022 varied but have a median of $25 per hour and an average of $37 per hour. 

How Much Does a 1500-word Blog Post Cost?

According to Smarterblogger, $250 – $399 range is the most popular rate for a 1500-word blog post.


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