Android Things

Operating system for Internet of Things
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Android Things was an operating system aimed at building Internet of Things devices – mostly small appliances. The aim was to eventually connect your router, your security camera, your music system, even your smart toaster in one easily-monitored and controlled system. 

Android Things


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Cause of Failure

While Android Things seemed like a good idea, it didn’t really get much interest from developers after launching in 2016. There were some smart speakers and displays released in 2018, and in 2019 Google officially announced they would be focusing on these two devices.

However, there wasn’t much development after that either, and Google decided that, starting January 5, 2021, the project would no longer accept new non-commercial projects. The plan is to have all data permanently deleted on January 5, 2022.

Currently, there are several alternatives to what Google tried to create. Samsung’s SmartThings have a wide range of supported appliances, and so do Amazon’s Echo and Alexa.

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