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Android Bot avatar creator
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Failure to Pivot


Andoidify was released way back in 2011 and allowed people to create their own avatars using the Android Bot design. Users could choose their skin color, haircut, and what height and width they wanted it to be.

There was also a wide variety of clothes and accessories to choose from – dresses, pants, hats, glasses, food, pets, sports equipment, phones, and many more. According to some sources, there were more than quintillion possible combinations for these items. That's a "1" followed by 18 zeros, by the way. 



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Cause of Failure

Google didn’t officially announce shutting down Androidify. However, it was removed from the Play Store in February 2020, and soon after, the official site followed.

Even though the app was quite enjoyable to play with, it was being used less and less in the last years. There were many new tools for creating avatars, including the whole set of customized emojis that platforms such as Gboard and Facebook’s Messenger added to their service.

It didn’t help matters that the last update for Adroidify came out in 2016. None of the OS changes after that applied to the app, not even the minor tweaks introduced to the Bot with Android 10.

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