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Blog Compass is an analytical app for bloggers that was released in India in 2018. It helped bloggers come up with new trending topics based on their posting history and interest and on what was popular on Google Search at the time.

The app had tutorials on how to manage blogs and make them successful. It worked with Blogger and WordPress – the two largest blogging platforms.

Google Blog Compass


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Cause of Failure

Google didn’t officially announce the shut-down of the app, nor removed it from Google Play. It’s still available in the store, but when users open it, they see the following message:

"After several months, we have decided to turn down the Blog Compass app. If you want to continue managing your blog, check out the Blogger or Site Kit by Google for WordPress."

It can be only speculated why Google made this decision. Blog Compass never managed to grow beyond the Indian market, and even there, it wasn’t overly popular. According to reports, the app had about 10 to 50 thousand installs.

Furthermore, Blog Compass was best suited for new bloggers who needed to learn the ins-and-outs of blogging. It wasn’t all that much help at later stages, though. The ‘what’s trending on Google’ approach to writing wasn’t suited for long-term relations with readers, where bloggers’ passion and uniqueness is a defining quality for success.

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