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Google Bulletin allowed users to post stories with videos and photos in a blog-like format. It was focused locally, where people nearby could see the posted content, and it could appear in Google Search.

Google Bulletin


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Cause of Failure

The service was first available in Nashville, TN, and Oakland, CA, and later rolled out for all of the USA and Canada. It was providing short-form news, similar to social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. The Google Search component was a considerable perk for users and a powerful benefit for the Bulletin’s promotion, considering Google’s unchallenged dominion in that market. However, it seems the tool wasn’t promoted enough, and as a result, didn’t gain much traction. 

Google is continuously working on improving how they manage news reporting as part of the Google News Initiative. Currently, their focus seems to be on ensuring the quality of the service. They have updated their search engines and are dedicating resources to fighting fake news. Their Google News remains one of the best options to stay informed. 

Other good alternatives are Apple News, Flipboard, and SmartNews, to name just a few.

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