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Google Chrome App

Web application for Google Chrome browser
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Google Chrome Apps allows users to install and launch applications on their Google Chrome web browser.

The service works with two types of apps – hosted and packaged. The first ones are basically just a shortcut with an URL leading to the original application. The second type uses the device’s local storage and can work offline.

Google Chrome Apps


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Cause of Failure

The reason for Google App being discontinued is that it just isn’t popular enough. The tool was launched way back in 2010 for users of Windows, macOS, and Linux. Yet, by the time Google first announced their plans to go away with the tool in 2016, only 1% of these platforms’ customers used Chrome App.

It took Google some time to settle on a final shut-down plan, but it seems the one they shared in August 2020 would be it. Support for Windows, Mac, and Linux should be available till June 2021, and Google OS customers will have an extra year – till June 2022.

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