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Cloud Print was a service that allowed users to link printers with their Google Accounts and easily print documents without having to go through the arduous process of dealing with complicated software and installing drivers.

Files could be sent over the web, and the tool could use any USB printer connected to a PC with Chrome on it. Google even landed a partnership with FedEx Office in 2012, and customers could do their printing in any of the company’s locations in the USA.

Google Cloud Print


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Cause of Failure

When Cloud Print launched in Beta back in 2010, it was a much-needed tool and made printing all that much easier. It was preinstalled on Android devices for years and hit more than a billion downloads in less than ten years.

However, the service never left the Beta stage. Furthermore, through the years, Google and Android came up with other printing solutions, and many printer manufacturers created their own print features and apps.

That is why in November 2019, Google announced their decision to shut down the tool. Users had until the end of 2020 to find another suitable solution in either a third-party service or Chrome OS’s print option.

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