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Google Hire

Applicant Tracking System for SME
Google Cemetery
No Market Need


Google Hire was a G Suite tool designed for recruiters at small to medium-sized businesses. 

Google Hire


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Cause of Failure

The official statement Google provided was that they were focusing resources on their other products. Probably the reason was that it just wasn’t popular enough.

While some businesses used Hire, it didn’t bring anything new to the already crowded market for applicant tracking systems. The initial aim was to simplify the hiring process by integrating it with the rest of Google office tools such as Mail and Calendar. However, most of the existing tools are also compatible with G Suite, so Hire didn’t have an advantage on that front.

Additionally, the expected revenue of $2.34 billion by 2026 wasn’t worthwhile for a tech giant like Google. In the end, Google also couldn’t accommodate all the country-specific privacy requirements, especially in the EU, where it’s already faced antitrust investigations.

Some alternatives to Hire, among many, are Oracle Taleo (better for larger enterprises), BambooHR and JazzHR (for small to medium-sized businesses), or Workday (for the onboarding processes).

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