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Material Theme Editor

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Google released the Material Theme Editor in 2018 to provide developers with an easier way to design their Material themes and decide how their content looks and interacts across platforms.

The Material Theme Editor offered a selection of icons for developers to choose from and it worked with three typefaces to allow for a more flexible topography and better readability on different platforms.

The plugin also allowed developers to edit all colors automatically, create customized palettes, and check the contrast between the colors to ensure the best combinations. Finally, the tool enabled a variety of shape-selection such as cut-corner and curved styles.    

Material Theme Editor


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Cause of Failure

In February 2020, Google announced their decision to shut down the Material Theme editor. Users were assured the company was working on new and better design solutions and was choosing to focus its time and efforts there.

Facts are that even though the Editor was a well-built tool, it had quite a limited audience. It was specifically created with designers in mind. Furthermore, it was available only on Sketch for Mac.

The Theme Editor was discontinued as a separate service on March 19, 2020. It remained as a bridge tool for syncing and uploading images from Sketch to Gallery.

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