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Location-based social app in India
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Neigbourly was a location-based social app that launched in Mumbai, India in 2018. It allowed users to engage with their community, share information about best places to live, study, or eat, and organize local events. 

The app worked with both text and voice-based input and supported multiple local languages.



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Cause of Failure

In April 2020, Google announced they were discontinuing the service. The app was to be deleted on May 12, 2020, and users had until October 12 to save their information.

There are many reasons the app didn’t make it. The service was highly localized – it was available only in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and several other smaller cities in India. It never got out of Beta and didn’t gain much popularity.

The latter was the main reason Google provided for their decision in an email to customers:

“Neighbourly hasn’t grown as we had hoped. In these difficult times, we believe that we can help more people by focusing on other Google apps that are already serving millions of people every day.”

Google also suggested users try the Local Guide in Google Maps as an alternative for finding events nearby.

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