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Nest Secure was a smart home security system that Google launched in 2017. The set-up consisted of the main unit called “Nest Guard”, “Nest Detector” sensors – 2 for doors and 2 for windows – and two “Nest Tags” that were NFC keys.

The system could be armed and disarmed from the main unit by either pushing the button on top or touching one of the keys to it. There was also an app for remote control.

Nest Secure


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Cause of Failure

Customers noticed that the product was permanently out of stock on the Google Store site starting October 2020. Current users were reassured that Google would continue to support the system. There would be no restocking on sensors or tags, though.

There might be many reasons for Google’s decision regarding their home security system. The facts are that the system was just too expensive. The starter’s pack cost $500, and it didn’t provide that much coverage. Customers would need to purchase more sensors to cover all their doors and windows, and those would run for $60 per piece. Lowering the main price to $400 didn’t make much of a difference.

Additionally, there were some grievous privacy concerns when Google Assistant started supporting the device in 2019. Users found out that the “Nest Guard” came with an in-built microphone – something Google hadn’t announced upon releasing the system.

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