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News and weather App
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The Google News & Weather app did exactly what its name suggests. It allowed users to keep track of what was happening locally and over the world.

The news was arranged by topic, and readers could pick whether to check what’s trending in Top Stories, World, Technology, Entertainment, etc.

Additionally, users got a constantly updated forecast for the weather and could know what to expect on an hourly and a daily basis. 

Google News & Weather


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Cause of Failure

The app was replaced by the new Google News app, which launched in May 2018. Upon releasing the new tool, Google removed the News & Weather app from the Play Store so that users wouldn’t confuse the two.

The News & Weather tool used to come preinstalled on Android devices at the time, so Google continued to support it for several more months. Then in August 2018, users opening the app were informed it was being replaced with Google News. They were prompted to download the new app from the Play Store or open it if they already had it on their devices.

The app was finally closed in October 2018.

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