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Nexus Q

Digital Media Player
Google Cemetery
Software & Hardware
Poor Product

Nexus Q was an Android-based digital media player that connected Google Play Music, YouTube, and Google Play Movies and TV to the users’ home entertainment system - in other words, you could stream these services to your TV.

It had first-class hardware specs for its time and the option to connect through cable, Bluetooth, and WiFi.

Nexus Q


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Cause of Failure

Nexus Q was announced in 2012, and Google immediately started accepting pre-orders. However, a month after that, the company removed the product from their store. In their official announcement, they shared that even though reviewers praised the design and hardware, there was still a lot to be desired in terms of available functions.

And the critics had a good point – the hardware Google used for the device could, potentially, support a lot more than just connecting users’ phones or tablets to their TVs or stereo systems. Furthermore, Apple TV was already offering those features at a fraction of the Nexus Q’s price.

Google had set a price of $299 for the Nexus Q, and customers had to pay an extra $399 for the speakers and $49 for the cables connecting them to the Nexus. The prices were supposedly so high because all elements had been designed and manufactured in the USA, but potential customers weren’t impressed.

Eventually, Google decided to postpone the launch indefinitely and work on improving the product. All who had pre-ordered the Nexus Q received a free preview unit. Later in January 2013 the project was quietly shelved, and support the app was phased out of the Play Store in May 2013.

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