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One Today

Donation app for non-profit organisations worldwide
Google Cemetery
Failure to Pivot


One Today was an app that facilitated users donating daily to different non-profit organizations around the world. The minimum amount was $1 a day, and donators could choose to keep their charity anonymous or share it with others to attract more funds.

The app also provided photos and videos of how the collected money was being used for various causes, so users could easily see the results of their actions. Furthermore, the program was supported by the IRS and Google for Nonprofits. Donators also received a statement at the end of each year for tax reduction purposes.

One Today


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Cause of Failure

One Today was released back in 2013 but it never achieved popularity. That is why Google’s decision to shut down the project wasn’t much of a surprise.

The company announced their plans at the end of January 2020, leaving users about a week to find another service. They also mentioned that a big part in their decision played the growing tendency for people to turn to other programs for donating.

Google assured users that all funds collected before the shutdown would be distributed to the respective organizations. New charities weren’t accepted after the announcement, and the tool was deleted on February 6th.

Alternatives to One Today are charity projects like ShareTheMeal and Charity Miles.

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