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Google Page Creator

No-code website builder
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Page Creator was a tool for creating and hosting websites that Google launched in beta in 2006. It was very user-friendly, and people could build their websites without needing any HTML knowledge.

They just had to log in to their Gmail account and got 100MB of hosting space and a Gmail-derived domain name. Plus, the service was completely free – not even relying on ads for sponsoring.

Google Page Creator


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Cause of Failure

In September 2008, Google announced that they were discontinuing Page Creator. The service no longer accepted new account registrations, and all existing pages were gradually being moved to the new and better Google Sites.

The Page Creator Beta was a good site for non-professionals looking for an easy way to host and publish their pages. However, it had pretty basic features such as templates and HTML editing, but not tools such as message boards, chats, or blogs.

Google Pages improved on all that by introducing new features such as site-level navigation and site-level headers. Site-creators could also decide who could see and edit their sites. Finally, they could embed fun and useful stuff such as calendars, YouTube videos, Picasa, and Google docs.

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