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Google Schemer

Platform to discover new activities within your network
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Google Schemer was a way for people to track what they wanted to do and share it with others. Users could list in the app activities they wanted to do, classify them into different categories, and then share and discuss them with friends or strangers.

Once they had finished an activity, it was recorded in the app as an accomplishment. Then users could receive suggestions with possible things to do based on what they had already done before. It could be about things to do alone or with others, at home or near their location.

Google Schemer


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Cause of Failure

When Google announced its decision in January 2014, they didn’t provide a specific reason for shutting down the app. Users were able to get their data before the official closure on February 7, 2014. They just had to log in to their Google accounts and use the options Google set for them. Then they had all the data emailed to them within 24 hours.

Even though Google didn’t share their reasons for deleting the service, it’s not hard to deduce what brought this on.

Schemer was released as an invite-only service in 2011, and the full app got in the Apple and Google stores soon after. However, Google never promoted it that much, and it never got as popular as some other Google services. It had between 100K and 500K downloads for Android, but the company stopped updating it after October 2012.

Nowadays, some good alternatives to Schemer for keeping up with fun things to do around you are services such as Foursquare, Tripadvisor, and even the Facebook Events feature.

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