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Google Spaces

Forum platform for specific topics
Google Cemetery
Social Media
Bad Market Fit


Spaces was one of the many messaging apps Google tried introducing on the market over the years. It resembled a mini-forum and allowed small groups of people to start discussions on specific topics.

The way it integrated Google Search, YouTube, and Chrome made it so users could look up things and share them with their group without the hassle of leaving the app. 

Google Spaces


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Cause of Failure

Spaces never really became popular with users, nor seemed to fill in a specific niche on the market for messaging services. In their shut-down announcement, Google stated:

“Our goal with Spaces was to create a better small-group sharing experience, and we’ll use what we’ve learned to improve other Google products and services.”

Users were informed that the tool would be in a read-only mode after March 3, and they could no longer be able to create groups, post, or comment. Additionally, they had time to save or remove their content from the platform or report any violations. Spaces was deleted on April 17, 2017.

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