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Touring Bird

Travel technology for trip information
Google Cemetery
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Touring Bird was an experimental Google project that launched in 2018. The tool provided users with the option to get all information about their trips at the same place.

The service worked on a city-by-city scale and listed all relevant information – from ticket and reservation providers to exciting things to do and places to visit, usually shared by locals.

Touring Bird


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Cause of Failure

Touring Bird was an Area 120 project – a platform where Google lets their engineers build and test projects they find interesting. Upon launching, the tool had information on Paris and by the end of 2018 on 20 more cities and thousands of experiences. That number had grown to 200 cities by April 2019.

Because of its success, the tech giant decided to pull the project from Google’s test area. They announced the team was joining the Google Travel initiative - a tool that would provide users with a bigger and better platform for all travel-related information and technology.

Customers of Touring Bird were informed that the tool would shut down on November 17, 2019, after which all user information would be deleted.

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