Translator Toolkit

Web-based translation editor
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Multiple Reasons


Translator Toolkit launched in 2009 and was one of the first web-based translation editor tools out there. Users could upload a text and choose into which language they wanted it translated. After that, they could edit the end product before downloading, saving, or sharing it. 

Translator Toolkit


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Cause of Failure

Google decided to shut down the service in December 2019. Users were advised to save their data using Google Takeout before the tool closed on December 4th. They could also share or unshare their translations before that date or even delete their Translation Glossaries or Memories if they wanted.

The reason for Google’s decision was the decreased use of the tool compared to other similar services, including their own Google Translate. When the Translator Toolkit appeared on the web, there were very few tools for translating and editing. However, in the following decade, the market developed quite nicely, which affected Toolkit’s relevance and usage.

For those who aren't fans of Google Translate, some good but paid alternatives to Translation Toolkit are MemoQ, Transifex, and Memsource.

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