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Google Trips was a tour guide app launched in September 2016. It helped users better organize their trips and mark places they wanted to visit or things they wanted to do.

Additionally, the app could connect to users’ Gmail accounts. It would pull up information on hotel reservations and flights and add them to the app. Then in case WiFi or international data connection weren’t available, all the details of the trip could be downloaded for offline use.

Google Trips


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Cause of Failure

Google discontinued the Trips app in 2019. Starting August 5th, the app was no longer available for download on Android and iOS. Furthermore, existing customers no longer received support.

Their decision wasn't much of a surprise. All the app’s features had already been added to either Google Maps or the Search service. Saved data remained available in the two tools, provided that users logged into their Google accounts.

People could find their marked places, travel notes, and reservations in Search. Later Google also added the features to the Maps app, where users could add new notes and places as well as booking information.

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