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Google Video Marketplace

Marketplace to buy and rent videos
Google Cemetery
Multiple Reasons


Video Marketplace launched in January 2006 and at the time aimed to rival iTunes selling of TV shows. The platform offered popular content such as CBS hit CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and classics like The Brady Bunch, The Twilight Zone, and Star Trek.

Additionally, Google partnered with NBA for old classic games and the new seasons’ coverage; history, news, and educational footage from ITN; music videos from SONY BMG; cartoon classics from Classic Media (DreamWorks Classics); children’s educational programming from CLEARVUE & SVE, and more.

Customers could buy or rent content depending on what contracts Google had with the respective provider.

Google Video Marketplace


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Cause of Failure

Google never provided a reason for discontinuing the service. Maybe it didn’t bring enough revenue, or there were legal issues with the content providers. All they said was that they were doing it as an “effort to improve all Google services.”

Google informed customers about their decision via email and advised them the platform would no longer be available starting August 15, 2007. Initially, customers were offered a $5 Google Checkout bonus they had to use within 60 days. They weren’t receiving a refund for any purchased or rented content, and they wouldn’t have access to it after the closure.

Customers weren’t at all happy with that decision, so a couple of weeks later, Google announced a new shut-down deal. Users were still to receive the bonus, but they also got a credit card refund for all purchases. They also had access to the content for another six months.

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