Product Market Fit:

How 7 Startups Achieved It

Understand PMF. Measure it within your startup. Use the strategies employed by Slack, Intercom, Airbnb, and more, to achieve it.

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Product market fit eBook

34% of startups fail due to lack of product-market fit.

Yet, there's a way to prevent it: turn PMF into your main metric. That's what Superhuman did:

“Reorienting Superhuman around PMF paid off. When we started this journey in the summer of 2017, our product/market fit score was 22%. Within just three quarters of our work to improve the product, the score nearly doubled to 58%.”

It's pointless to try to grow your startup before you've made your way to the point where there's a really strong desire from the market for your product. That's what this eBook will help you achieve.

What's included?

Chapter 1: Why, What, and How of PMF

You'll finish knowing:

  • What is product-market fit.
  • How important it is.
  • If it's a yes or no thing or a never-ending goal.
  • Its problematic relationship with growth.
  • How to measure it and find if you have achieved it or not.
  • Four frameworks to think about PMF.
  • Other fits your business must have.

Chapters 2-8: Case Studies

Each chapter analyzes how a different startup achieved PMF. Startups are:

  1. Superhuman
  2. Segment
  3. ClassPass
  4. Intercom
  5. Airbnb
  6. Slack
  7. PayPal

We've consumed +100 resources about PMF (podcasts, videos, articles) and turned all of our insights into this actionable 76-page eBook.

What's people saying?

Dru Riley
Founder of

"It's been great watching this book come together.

I love learning the micro from the macro. And vice versa.

Find out why growth efforts are often wasted without product-market fit. And how some of the legends achieved it."

Aadil Razvi
Head of Sales at Demand Curve

"Startups are risky ventures.

This is the handbook for founders who want to derisk their startup ideas — before spending years on an idea that could have been validated in days.

A no-brainer purchase."

You will finish the eBook...

  1. Understanding product-market fit and how it looks like.
  2. Being able to measure PMF for your startup.
  3. Knowing actionable step-by-step strategies to achieve it.

34% of startups fail because they don't get these 3 points well. Avoid that.

Get the eBook for $15