Raising Funds? Get Roasted 🔥

A 20-minute, private video with personalized and easy-to-implement advice that will improve your pitch deck. Delivered within 48 hours.

Get Roasted for $100 $150

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What The Roast Includes

📹 A Tailored Video Breakdown

A comprehensive 20-minute private video critique, highlighting where your pitch deck hits the mark and where it’s falling short – complete with strategies for improvement.

🕐 Secure the Next Meeting

Time is of the essence. Receive your in-depth video feedback within 48 hours – no more missed opportunities or overlooked connections.

💰 Higher Valuations, Better Terms

Armed with a refined pitch deck, watch as investor interest peaks, valuations improve, and terms become more favorable.

⚠️ No-Risk Guarantee

If you don't feel your pitch deck has improved after my feedback, you'll get a full refund.

How It Works

1) Schedule Your Review

Upload your pitch deck and provide some background on your startup to align the review with your business vision and investor targets.

2) In-Depth Analysis Conducted

I’ll dissect your pitch deck, recording a detailed 20-minute video critique pinpointing the key adjustments needed to captivate and convince investors. You’ll receive this within 48 hours.

3) Revise and Refine

Implement the suggested changes to your pitch deck. Need assistance on how to do it? I’m here to guide you through optimizing your presentation to perfection.

4) Prepare for Engagement

With a polished pitch deck, be ready for increased investor interest. You might just need to prepare for more meetings than you expected. Apologies for filling up your calendar!

Nicolás Cerdeira

I'm Nico Cerdeira

I'm the founder of Failory, which I've grown to +250,000 monthly users.

I've built a collection of +500 startup pitch decks and written several articles analyzing them.

I've built a collection of +2,500 VC firms, accelerators and angel investors.

I've helped dozens of startups polish their pitch decks and get connected with investors.

I can help your startup raise your next round of funding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are pitch decks so important?


Why a 20-minute video?


How much does a review cost?


Can you review pitch decks that aren't finalized yet?


Is the review confidential?


Can you review pitch decks for any type of startup?


Can you review pitch decks in languages other than English?


Do you offer additional support after the review?


Get Your Pitch Deck Roasted 🔥

Stop pouring resources into a pitch that doesn't perform. Gain peace of mind knowing your pitch deck is expertly crafted to engage investors and secure funding.

Get Roasted for $100 $150