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65 Business Newsletters You Must Be Subscribed To In 2023


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Fundraising OS

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VC Firms List
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Information about the countries, cities, stages, and industries they invest in, as well as their contact details.

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AI Investors
250 AI Investors

List of 250 startup investors in the AI and Machine Learning industries, along with their Twitter, LinkedIn, and email addresses.

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BioTech & Health Investors
250 BioTech & Health Investors

List of startup investors in the BioTech, Health, and Medicine industries, along with their Twitter, LinkedIn, and email addresses.

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FinTech Investors
250 FinTech Investors

List of startup investors in the FinTech industry, along with their Twitter, LinkedIn, and email addresses.

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There are some newsletters you can’t miss. Their content, the names behind their stories, and especially their unique insights can be informational goldmines for entrepreneurs.

Therefore, we created the ultimate list of the best business newsletters.

All you have to do is type in your email and check the content in your inbox. It won’t be a waste of time, and you’ll definitely learn something to use and apply in your daily life as an entrepreneur!

The Best 65 Business Newsletters

If you are unsure of which newsletters to choose, here are our top picks for you.

1) Failory’s Newsletter

Failory's Newsletter

Name of the newsletter: Failory’s Newsletter

Description: Our newsletter! We aim to become one of the most inspiring websites for entrepreneurs - especially the ones that are just at the beginning of their journey. Failory‘s business newsletter can become the right hand to any founder-to-be. 

Thanks to Failory’s expertise, you’ll learn how to come up with ideas for building products, how to place them on the market, and sustainably grow your business into the green!

Frequency: Weekly 

Pricing: Free

2) Accelerated Newsletter

Accelerated Newsletter

Name of the newsletter: Accelerated Newsletter

Description of the newsletter: Accelerated is a VC newsletter created by Justine and Olivia Moore that frequently shares knowledge with college students and broader audiences interested in news on technology. Burgeoning startups and experienced venture capitalists are big fans of this newsletter, so you just know that the insights they share are valuable. 

Frequency: Weekly 

Pricing: Free

3) The Growth Newsletter 

The Growth Newsletter

Name of the newsletter: The Growth Newsletter

Description of the newsletter: This newsletter is created by the team at Demand Curve, a growth marketing agency. Every week the team surveys some of Y Combinator founders to find out which tactics yield the best results.

They then summarise the information and provide the best insights. That way, you can stay ahead of the curve and learn from some of the best minds in the startup space.

Frequency: Twice a month

Pricing: Free

4) The Hustle

The Hustle

Name of the newsletter: The Hustle

Description of the newsletter: The Hustle Newsletter’s goal is very simple: to teach aspiring entrepreneurs how to make important business decisions without the risk of making mistakes.

If you’re a busy entrepreneur, then this is your treasure island. Over 1 million subscribers are served this newsletter, getting access to the information you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

Frequency: Daily

Pricing: Free

5) Swipe Files


Name of the newsletter: Swipefiles

Description of the newsletter: Swipe Files was created out of the founder's desire to share what he learned about SaaS growth into a tool that will assist business owners in building a tested and reliable marketing strategy. Swipe Files also offers courses and frameworks to help you become a better marketer.

Frequency: Weekly

Pricing: Freemium. You get free access to a weekly newsletter, but if you want to join the community, it costs $499/year. 

6) Stratechery


Name of the newsletter: Stratechery

Description of the newsletter: This tech analysis newsletter was created by Ben Thompson, and it provides profound information on the strategies and the business side of technology. Most Stratechery subscribers are executives in technology, investors, and entrepreneurs. This newsletter has readers from over 80 countries and is recommended by The New York Times as one of the best newsletters for analysis on everything regarding business and media.

Frequency: 4 emails per week

Pricing: Stratechery is a Freemium newsletter. The monthly subscription is $12, and the yearly is $120. You can also receive free emails by signing up in the Weekly Articles section on the homepage.

7) Morning Brew

Morning Brew

Name of the newsletter: The Morning Brew

Description of the newsletter: The Morning Brew is a daily newsletter for young professionals and entrepreneurs that provides up-to-date information on all business-related topics. 

Alex Liberman and Austin Rief created this rapidly-growing newsletter in 2015, and since then, The Morning Brew has become one of the most popular entrepreneur newsletters in the world. 

The Morning Brew is the perfect place for young minds - the average reader is just 28 years old. As of February 2019, they had over a million subscribers, proving that their newsletter is an excellent source for all important bits of info coming from the business world. If you want to read more about The Morning Brew, don’t miss out on our review about it! 

Frequency: Once a day

Pricing: Free

8) GrowthHackers


Name of the newsletter: GrowthHackers

Description: Growth Hackers’ entrepreneur newsletter is focused on business growth. Similar to the company's objectives, the newsletter is packed with valuable tips on developing growth strategies that’ll show positive results! 

Every Monday, you’ll receive the best five posts written by the Growth Hackers themselves, so you’ll definitely pick up a few things from them. 

Frequency: Weekly

Pricing: Free

9) GrowthDesign


Name of the newsletter: GrowthDesign

Description of the newsletter: Dan Benoni and Louis-Xavier Lavalle are the founders behind GrowthDesign - their idea was pretty simple: share their experiences with the rest of the entrepreneurial world! 

They focus on sharing bite-sized tips on business growth, leadership, project management, and design - you name it, they have it! Unlike the rest of the business newsletters that are often way too long, GrowthDesign shares short but effective tips that won’t take too much time to read and memorize! 

Frequency: Weekly 

Pricing: Free

10) The Bootstrapped Founder

The Bootstrapped Founder

Name of the newsletter: The Bootstrapped Founder 

Description of the newsletter: Every Friday, The Bootstrapped Founder Newsletter features the latest research and insights into building a successful business. 

From improving your marketing to increasing your profits, you’ll find actionable advice written by Arvid Kahl, author of Zero to Sold and founder of FeedbackPanda.

Frequency: Weekly

Pricing: Free

11) MakerMind


Name of the newsletter: MakerMind

Description of the newsletter: Anne-Laure Le Cunff created this newsletter to spread her wisdom to her broad online audience. The experience she amassed while working at Google inspired her to create this newsletter for entrepreneurs, designers, and writers. 

It’s not a typical business newsletter, as she shares neuroscience-based strategies that can help you improve your productivity.

Every new subscriber receives a welcoming gift: The Beginner’s Guide to Mindframing - a 22-page handbook on how to set up your business goals and ideas more effectively.

Frequency: Every week or two

Pricing: Free

12) Robinhood Snacks

Robinhood Snacks

Name of the newsletter: Robinhood Snacks

Description of the newsletter: RobinHood Snacks is an educational newsletter that makes financial news digestible and more accessible to wider audiences. Known previously as MarketSnacks, this newsletter comes in 3-minute-long articles and is much more finance-oriented than other newsletters. 

So far, RobinHood Snacks has published over 1,700 newsletters with over a million words on them! 

Frequency: Daily

Pricing: Free

13) Monday Medley

Monday Medley

Name of the newsletter: Monday Medley

Description of the newsletter: Monday Medley is a valuable newsletter that includes different articles on psychology, businesses, technology, and philosophy.

Monday Medley is a weekly newsletter created in 2016 by Nat Eliason. It counts over 20,000 subscribers, with many of them considering it as one of the best business newsletters they’re subscribed to! 

Videos, discussions, and research papers on all sorts of topics are just bits of the quality content you’ll receive in your inbox weekly!

Frequency: Weekly

Pricing: Free

14) Prof Galloway

Prof Galloway

Name of the newsletter: Prof Galloway

Description of the newsletter: Created by NYC Stern marketing professor Scott Galloway, this interesting newsletter is one of the best education hubs for all there is to know about technology, the digital economy, and digital marketing strategies.

Frequency: Weekly

Pricing: Free

15) Product Psychology

Product Psychology

Name of the newsletter: Product Psychology

Description of the newsletter: Understanding what goes inside the minds of your consumers is key to reaching your business goals. 

This newsletter will become your best pal in your journey to decode consumer behavior - customers and their habits will no longer be an enigma for you!

Some of the most brilliant psychologists and marketers share their consumer behavior insights, making Product Psychology one of the most trustworthy business newsletters!

Frequency: Weekly

Pricing: Free

16) Startup Digest

Startup Digest

Name of the newsletter: Startup Digest

Description of the newsletter: Feel a bit detached from your local startup community? Then click the subscribe button and wait for the next email from Startup Digest - it will get you back in the game! 

This newsletter will provide you with all the information you need on founders operating in your area who are going through similar challenges as you. But it’s not focused exclusively on your industry- you can also receive news from your preferred topics or industry niches worldwide! 

Curated content for you only, a possibility to meet other founders and the latest news - more than an entrepreneur could ask from a newsletter!

Frequency: Weekly 

Pricing: Free

17) Mattermark


Name of the newsletter: Mattermark

Description of the newsletter: Funding is perhaps the most exhausting part of launching a company, but also one of the most important ones. 

Being prepared for anything the world of VC and investors contains is a must for any founder-to-be. Luckily, Mattermark has an excellent newsletter explicitly focused on the latest content from leaders in the VC community, business angels, and investors. 

Also, it offers on-point tips for managing a team, operational strategies, tactics, and insights you can use in your own company! 

Frequency: Daily

Pricing: Free

18) CB Insights

CB Insights

Name of the newsletter: CB Insights

Description of the newsletter: CB Insights’ newsletter provides in-depth insight on startups, venture capital, emerging industries, and trends in the world of technology.

The newsletter contains extensive research and statistics that are reformatted into easily digestible daily content. Because of the broad scope of topics, CB Insights is a must for professionals, especially those in management positions. 

Frequency: Daily

Pricing: Free

19) Y Combinator's Newsletter

Y Combinator

Name of the newsletter: Y Combinator

Description of the newsletter: Y Combinator is a newsletter that comprehensively recaps the articles posted on their blog and the top posts on Hacker News to keep you up to date.

Y Combinator provides seed funding for startups, helping them out until they are stable enough to remove the training wheels and stand on their own. As this newsletter is essentially a recap on their blog posts, you’ll read everything you might have missed. 

The topics in the newsletter are engaging, informative, and diverse, ranging from career advice for students to tips on securing funds for your startup and everything in between! 

Frequency: Weekly

Pricing: Free

20) Axios Future

Axios Future

Name of the newsletter: Axios Future

Description of the newsletter: Axios Future gives a different perspective on journalism. They have a lot of sections and topics they cover and give visitors various options to choose from! It’s up to you as a reader to decide if you would like to follow the entire section or only select some of the subsections.

Some possible categories include Politics, Business and Industries, Media and Technology, Society and Ideas, and Breaking News Alerts. 

Frequency: Daily/Weekly/Bi-Weekly

Pricing: Free

21) 5-Bullet Friday

5-Bullet Friday

Name of the newsletter: 5-Bullet Friday

Description of the newsletter: 5-Bullet Friday is a site by Tim Ferris, an early technology investor/advisor of giants like Uber, Facebook, Shopify, Duolingo, and many others. 

In the relatively short 5-Bullet Friday newsletter, he shares five tips and tricks or his favorite proceedings of that week - anything from exciting articles and cool gadgets to original tricks that keep you up to date with all the newest trends! 

Frequency: Weekly

Pricing: Free

22) Foundr


Name of the newsletter: Foundr

Description of the newsletter: Foundr’s newsletter offers unique content, the latest insights, and tips on how to build a successful business. 

In addition, you can also read exclusive interviews with world-famous entrepreneurs and find special offers on training programs. Foundr strives to help out entrepreneurs in creating and develop their businesses. 

Frequency: Weekly 

Pricing: Free

23) Harvard Business Review’s Management Tip of the Day

Harvard Business Review

Name of the newsletter: Harvard Business Review’s Newsletter

Description of the newsletter: The Harvard Business Review newsletter gives you new ideas and tips on strategy and leadership from global leaders and management experts. 

There are several newsletter topics to choose from, including Strategy and Execution, Technology and Innovation, Women at Work - and everything in between. What’s more, the Harvard Business Review newsletter can be tailored to anyone’s preference!  

Frequency: Daily/Weekly 

Pricing: Harvard Business Review is a paid newsletter. Subscriptions cost $12 or $18 for the premium version every month.                 

24) Fast Company

Fast Company

Name of the newsletter: Fast Company Newsletters

Description of the newsletter: Aptly named Compass, this newsletter is your detailed guide on topics you may not be familiar with but want to be. 

Some sections you can expect here include Tech, Work Life, Creativity, Impact, and News. In addition, they will let you know about any new episodes from their podcasts and spotlight videos on one of the topics above.

Frequency: Daily

Pricing: Free

25) Hiten Shah’s SaaS Weekly

Hiten Shah’s SaaS Weekly

Name of the newsletter: Hiten Shah’s SaaS Weekly

Description of the newsletter: Hiten Shah’s newsletter is a staple for SaaS enthusiasts and professionals. This is a comprehensive newsletter with sections on SaaS, products, marketing, and growth for a more holistic approach to business. 

As a founder of three successful startups, Kissmetrics, Crazy Egg, and FYI, he’s a SaaS and start-up genius with many interesting and valuable insights to share with his audience. 

Frequency: Weekly

Pricing: Free

26) Money Stuff

Money Stuff

Name of the newsletter: Matt Levine’s Money Stuff

Description of the newsletter: Matt Levine is an opinion columnist at Bloomberg, specifically about finance-related topics. All matters regarding Wall Street, companies, and finance are in this newsletter, delivered to your email daily. 

Matt Levine has vast experience as an investment banker and an M&A lawyer, so the information he gives you is as accurate and informative as possible.

Frequency: Daily

Pricing: Free

27) I Will Teach You To Be Rich

I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Name of the newsletter: I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Description of the newsletter: Ramit Sethi has over a million subscribers, proving that the articles he sends to his audience are extremely helpful. 

The articles published for his faithful readers are always packed with practical advice on how to start a business and earn more money in your life.

Frequency: Few times a week

Pricing: Free

28) Entrepreneur


Name of the newsletter: Entrepreneur’s Newsletter

Description of the newsletter: Entrepreneur’s Newsletter is a well-known source of information on every business sector. For every busy entrepreneur, this newsletter is an excellent choice as it sends out emails a couple of days a week.

Feel free to subscribe to Entrepreneur’s newsletter and see why many readers recommend it today!

Frequency: Few times a week

Pricing: Free

29) SBA


Name of the newsletter: Small Business Administration Newsletter

Description of the newsletter: The US Small Business Administration (SBA) releases a newsletter dedicated to smaller businesses. 

Their daily updates include material from numerous business sectors packaged in webinars and Twitter conversations. All subscribers can join and participate in the discussion to seek advice and solutions.

Frequency: Weekly

Pricing: Free

30) Launch Ticker

Launch Ticker

Name of the newsletter: Launch Ticker News

Description of the newsletter: Launch Ticker News is a valuable source for everything regarding technology. They post daily updates of news from industry leaders around the world and their business experience. 

This is the right place for people tired of reading tech news with no real value or information. As a subscriber, you will receive two daily emails: the first will contain news from the previous day and the second will focus on the most current updates.

Frequency: Twice a day

Pricing: Free

31) 500Distro


Name of the newsletter: #500Distro

Description of the newsletter: Some business newsletters are going to make you feel like you’re part of a community. 

500Distro has such a newsletter - packed with all the latest business growth strategies presented to you by some of the most successful Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. 

Their insights are more like guidelines powered with a funny GIF to make learning easier and funnier.

Most subscribers describe 500Distro as the newsletter they are looking forward to reading, so be sure to check out the useful content they share.

Frequency: Daily

Pricing: Free

32) Finimize


Name of the newsletter: Finimize

Description of the newsletter: How do you like the idea of becoming your own financial advisor? We know it may sound a bit too optimistic, but with Finimize’s newsletter, this is possible! 

Created by founders who run $100 million businesses, it’s one of the most comprehensive business newsletters you could run into. Finimize’s goals are about giving founders news that can help them make better business and investment decisions. 

Now, it has over 600,000 subscribers, who can boost their business confidence and run their financials all by themselves, thanks to the valuable tips offered by Finimize!

Frequency: Every day

Pricing: Free

33) The Daily Pitch

The Daily Pitch

Name of the newsletter: The Daily Pitch

Description of the newsletter: The Daily Pitch covers all the developments in the business sphere, with a special focus on VC, PE, and M&A. 

Their newsletter brings the business world closer to all entrepreneurs and gives them an answer to the ultimate question - how does money make the world go-'round?

Looking to invest? The Daily Pitch newsletter includes the names of companies that are going public. Feeling lucky? Do your research and decide if you want to be part of the next big thing carrying the potential to change the world!

Frequency: Daily

Pricing: Free

34) The Moz Top 10

The Moz Top 10

Name of the newsletter: The Moz Top 10

Description of the newsletter: Twice a month, Moz sends a newsletter containing the top 10 articles from their recent publication, which provides valuable insight into the world of digital marketing. 

With most websites publishing piece upon piece, it’s hard to find the ones worth reading, so getting a collection of gems every two weeks or so is amazing.

Frequency: Biweekly

Pricing: Free

35) Daniel H. Pink

Daniel H. Pink

Name of the newsletter: Daniel H. Pink

Description of the newsletter: This newsletter is run by Daniel H. Pink, an expert in business and human behavior. 

Over 170,000 subscribers receive emails from Daniel, full of information on the business happenings each day and presenting techniques and methods on the behavior of every participant.

Frequency: Every other Tuesday

Pricing: Free

36) Starter Story

Starter Story

Name of the newsletter: Starter Story

Description of the newsletter: Starter Story’s Newsletter is based on background stories from some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. 

The creator, Pat Walls, interviews experienced founders from the business and financial world - every day! This could be the rightful newsletter to pick up something useful and learn how to execute it in your startup.

Frequency: Few times a week

Pricing: Free

37) Intercom


Name of the newsletter: Intercom

Description of the newsletter: This newsletter was designed for product management, sales, marketing, and startups. 

Large companies, like Google, have their managers subscribed to this newsletter along with 30,000 users. Each newsletter sent by Intercom is written to help startups climb the business ladder faster!

Frequency: Weekly

Pricing: Free

38) NextDraft 


Name of the newsletter: NextDraft

Description of the newsletter: Described as one of the best newsletters on the internet, Dave’s brainchild can make the difference between having a good and a bad day – yes, it’s that good!

 He has an eye for spotting original, different, catchy news – ones that you wouldn’t think to read, but once you do it, you’ll see why the big names like GQ, The Economist, The New Yorker, etc trust him.

Written with a witty tone, reading this business newsletter will keep you smiling and interested!

Frequency: Daily

Pricing: Free

39) Divinations


Name of the newsletter: Divinations

Description of the newsletter: Nathan Baschez is the man behind this business strategy newsletter. Divinations is all about original essays with classical methods that help us to understand today’s tech and media companies.

You can find plenty of interesting news about strategies that will help you easily organize and manage your business. 

Frequency: 1 or 2 emails per week.

Pricing: Divinations is Freemium. You have free and paid articles, which cost $200 per year.

40) Backlinko’s Newsletter


Name of the newsletter: Backlinko’s Newsletter

Description of the newsletter: Backlinko is the brainchild of Brian Dean, an SEO expert who shares his advice and tactics on his blog.

 The newsletter includes exclusive content with all the tips and tricks of the trade that can’t be found on the blog. 

In addition to all this, he also offers a training program on all things SEO. Brian Dean is respected by some of the biggest names in the digital marketing world - you’re safe in his hands!

Frequency: Weekly

Pricing: Free

41) GrowthList


Name of the newsletter: GrowthList

Description of the newsletter: This business newsletter publishes reports from tech startups that you can do business with each week. Most of GrowthList’s subscribers are VC investors and journalists interested in specific companies and details about their fast growth. 

GrowthList offers all the data you’ll need to connect to a certain company, including the founding amount, email address, social media, and details about the CEO.

Frequency: Weekly

Pricing: GrowthList is a paid newsletter. The monthly subscription costs $79, with the last week reports included.

42) Napkin Math

Napkin Math

Name of the newsletter: Napkin Math

Description of the newsletter: Napkin Math is a newsletter based on data-driven startup analysis. In this newsletter, you can read about startup case studies, company obituaries, and industry dives. 

Napkin Math can help you understand which startup has a greater chance to succeed, but also show you case studies of unpopular, but successful startups. 

Frequency: Weekly 

Pricing: Free

43) Lenny’s Newsletter

Lenny’s Newsletter

Name of the newsletter: Lenny’s Newsletter

Description of the newsletter: Created by Lenny Rachitski, this newsletter is a rich source containing updates about management, product, and everything related to the working environment. 

By subscribing to this newsletter, you will learn how to manage your product and growth and take care of your employees' overall emotional health.

Frequency: Weekly/Once a month

Pricing: This newsletter is Freemium. For $15 a month, paid subscribers will receive the weekly edition; free subscribers will get one email per month.

44) Every


Name of the newsletter: Every

Description of the newsletter: Every is a bundle business-focused newsletters from different professionals in all sorts of different industries. Every day, there is an analysis and commentary from the practitioner's perspective. 

Their goal is to provide you with the insights and tools you need to succeed in today's ever-changing business landscape.

Frequency: Daily

Pricing: Free

45) Investors Therapy

Investors Therapy

Name of the newsletter: Investors Therapy

Description of the newsletter: If you’re not in the most favorable psychological state as an entrepreneur, it will reflect on your business decisions. In case it doesn’t, you still need to take care of your overall well being, right? 

Here’s a newsletter to help you do it - through psychology sessions with Jordan Thibodeau - once a month! Investors Therapy is created to help all investors understand their psychology better, so they can make smarter and better-educated decisions. 

Aside from that, this newsletter contains a large number of tips on how to properly manage your investments so that they turn out to be profitable.  

Frequency: Monthly 

Pricing: Free

46) Revise Weekly

Revise Weekly

Name of the newsletter: Revise Weekly

Description of the newsletter: Your search for generating valuable business newsletters should end with Revise Weekly. They constantly post headlines about how to stay relevant in a fast-changing economy, and with every received edition, you’ll learn more and more about how to design for the largest impact possible for your business. 

Frequency: Weekly

Pricing: Revise Weekly is a Freemium service. The two paid options are $30/month and $300/year.

47) Andrew Chen

Andrew Chen

Name of the newsletter: Andrew Chen

Description of the newsletter: Andrew Chen focuses his newsletter on long essays about startups, metrics, and growth. His material is packed with daily news on the latest developments in Silicon Valley, with topics ranging from mobile products and their design to user growth.

Frequency: Weekly

Pricing: Free

48) Turner’s Blog

Turner’s Blog

Name of the newsletter: Turner’s Blog

Description of the newsletter: Novak Turner shares his ideas and thoughts on business and technology from his perspective as a venture capitalist. 

His preferred niche isn’t just technology – he also does thorough business analysis filled with insightful information and useful tips, easily implementable in your business model. 

Those who are interested in reading more should follow Novak on Twitter.

Frequency: Monthly 

Pricing: Free

49) Backstage Capital Newsletter

Backstage Capital Newsletter

Name of the newsletter: Backstage Capital Newsletter

Description of the newsletter: Backstage’s newsletter, The Mixtape, brings you daily news, updates, and opportunities in venture capitalism. Backstage shares information on how they invest in the most successful founders, and you can find the inspiring stories of these founders, as well as other investors - which can motivate you towards success.

Frequency: Weekly

Pricing: Free

50) Venture Desktop

Venture Desktop

Name of the newsletter: Venture Desktop

Description of the newsletter: Brett Bivens runs Venture Desktop as his personal newsletter. His emails are concentrated on the innovation economy that emphasizes entrepreneurs and investors. Along with the articles, you will also receive his latest podcast episodes.

Frequency: Every Friday

Pricing: Free


Name of the newsletter:

Description of the newsletter: Each week, the clever mind from, Dru Riley, discovers one trendy business topic and he provides you with numerous valuable tips, suggestions and links you can check out.

They summarize the entire research into 5-10 minute easily readable email - suitable for any busy entrepreneur. 

The topics are versatile; some of them have been: digital products, building communities, bootstrap funds, and personal brands. 

Frequency: Weekly

Pricing: Freemium. You can get the lite version of the reports for free or the pro version for $297/year.

52) Check Your Pulse

Check Your Pulse

Name of the newsletter: Check Your Pulse

Description of the newsletter: Curated by Sari Azout, Check Your Pulse is a specially-designed newsletter about technology and startups. Through her hand-picked collection of articles, Sari’s goal is to make you feel more human, to stay inspired, and of course, to develop a better mindset!

This newsletter will encourage you to think more about the people who built the latest technological innovations rather than the news itself.

Frequency: Weekly

Pricing: Free

53) Benedict Evans

Benedict Evans

Name of the newsletter: Benedict Evans Newsletter

Description of the newsletter: Wondering what's happening in the tech world every single day? Well, Benedict Evans Newsletter is just the thing you need. Written by Benedict Evans, his letters are sent to around 150,000 users, chock-full of the most important details and analysis in the tech world. 

Benedict has been doling out his contextual comments and thoughts about the modern tech industry since 2013, and his newsletter is still gaining an audience!

Frequency: Weekly

Pricing: This newsletter is both free and paid. Readers can subscribe for free and get the news two days later, while Premium members receive exclusive articles and more detailed analyses. The prices are $10/month and $100/year.

54) TLDR


Name of the newsletter: TLDR

Description of the newsletter: TLDR is a cool newsletter that covers only technology, making it the perfect source for sharing news related to tech, science, and coding. 

Their business newsletters are always short and understandable, covering no more than ten titles in one article. TLDR is a good choice if you’re willing to escape some of the daily routines and quickly learn something new - one brief article at a time! 

Frequency: Weekly

Pricing: Free

55) Silicon News

Silicon News

Name of the newsletter: Silicon News

Description of the newsletter: Silicon News is personally curated by Edith Yeung, and it’s the one thing any aspiring entrepreneur needs to keep in touch with the latest events at Silicon Valley.

Edith prepares simple emails for her audience, packed with updates and daily news on Silicon valley findings, mergers, buy-outs, and other news.

Frequency: Weekly

Pricing: Free

56) Heartcore Consumer Insights

Heartcore Consumer Insights

Name of the newsletter: Heartcore Consumer Insights

Description of the newsletter: Published by Europe’s Consumer Tech VC, Heartcore Consumer Insights newsletter is the ultimate source for multiple consumer deals and articles. 

Heartcore is primarily focused on the new generation of founders who seek a more human approach to venture capitalism, providing advice on how to improve yourself as a VC and grow your business.

Frequency: Weekly

Pricing: Free

57) The Information

The Information

Name of the newsletter: The Information

Description of the newsletter: As a founder of this newsletter Jessica Lessin covers pretty much everything on technology. Every weeknight, you will receive emails from The Information reporters regarding daily technology updates, packed in one simple article. 

Frequency: Weekly

Pricing: The Information is Freemium. It has both a free and paid version that costs $39 each month. 

58) Li’s Newsletter

Li’s Newsletter

Name of the newsletter: Li’s Newsletter

Description of the newsletter: If your business is your passion, you probably heard of Li Jin at one point in your entrepreneurial journey. She’s a popular investor and startup advisor in the startup community. 

Not only that, but she has an eye for businesses and people who make money from their passions and desires. 

Mainly, she covers two topics in her newsletter: the first one is about people who make a living by doing the jobs they like and using their creative skills along the way, while the second is about macro trends and their impact on the daily life of consumers. Aspiring entrepreneurs can learn a lot from Li and her witty tips!

Frequency: Weekly

Pricing: Free

59) Rosieland


Name of the newsletter: Rosieland

Description of the newsletter: Rosieland is personally curated by Rosie Sherry, a professional community builder. So of course, her business newsletter is focused on sharing community-building information.

If you need some guidance on building communities, making sure this newsletter ends up in your inbox would be your best bet. 

Subscribers can find pretty much anything on the topic: how to start, how to develop, and how to manage a community. Also, Rosie has over 15 years of experience in this field, so her insight can be of great value.

Frequency: Weekly

Pricing: Freemium. The free subscription includes one weekly mail, but for $15 a month, you’ll gain access to subscriber-only content, access to exclusive tools, articles, resources, and regular online meetups.

60) Stacked Marketer

Stacked Marketer

Name of the newsletter: Stacked Marketer

Description of the newsletter: Stacked Marketer is the leading newsletter for digital marketers. If you’re in the digital marketing industry, you’ve probably already checked out their content. 

It’s written by capable and creative marketers who remain selfless with their knowledge, sharing it with everyone who’ll listen. They share tips on everything related to social media marketing, SEO, email marketing, content marketing, and more. Plus, it’s an easy read - they occasionally even send out memes to make the reading more fun!

Frequency: Daily

Pricing: Free

61) Fintech Today

Fintech Today

Name of the newsletter: Fintech Today

Description of the newsletter: Fintech Today is a financial technology newsletter written by Ian Kar. His emails deliver the latest news from the fintech world, including Ian’s conversations with fintech industry experts, CEOs of global banks and some well-founded startups in the tech industry. There’s a lot to learn here!

Frequency: Weekly

Pricing: Free

62) Avoid Boring People

Avoid Boring People

Name of the newsletter: Avoid Boring People

Description of the newsletter: Leon Lin is the man behind Avoid Boring People. His newsletters are specialized in tech, finances, and personal growth. It’s not just a single edition; every member will receive emails depending on the chosen subscription option. 

The only difference is the type of articles sent, with choices among finances or selected topics that Leon personally finds interesting.

Frequency: Weekly/Monthly

Pricing: Freemium.

63) Superoganizers


Name of the newsletter: Superorganizers

Description of the newsletter: Dan Shipper investigates how the most intelligent people in the world organize and manage their jobs at such high levels. 

Through his weekly emails, you’ll learn how they developed their own systems and how you can do the same for yourself to boost your productivity. Aside from conversations with successful people, Dan also publishes original essays.

Frequency: Weekly

Pricing: Superorganizers Premium subscription costs $15/month.

64) Consumer Startups

Consumer Startups

Name of the newsletter: Consumer Startups

Description of the newsletter: Leo Luo is the young entrepreneur behind Consumer Startups, an excellent newsletter focusing on early-stage consumer startups, as the name may hint. 

He shares numerous growth-stage consumer startups' exclusive stories, behaviors, and trends. Also, you’ll get to read one random startup idea from Leo himself!

On the side, the emails are laden with fundraising news updates and links related to technology and entrepreneurship.

Frequency: Weekly

Pricing: Free

65) Sinocism


Name of the newsletter: The Sinocism

Description of the newsletter: Bill Bishop’s specific newsletter provides analysis and commentary to the most important English and Chinese news. 

Many Sinocism subscribers are analysts, policymakers, executives, and journalists - and there are a lot of them - over 80,000 subscribers interested in what Bishop has to say!

You can also get exclusive access to elite Chinese communities through online discussions - something you can’t find unless you know where to look! Guess that’s why there’s no free option.

Frequency: Daily

Pricing: The Sinocism is a paid newsletter. Subscriptions cost $15/month and $135/year.

What Business Newsletters Are You Subscribed To?

Wow! 65 business newsletters to choose from - should be more than enough, right? It’s never been easier to become a better leader and entrepreneur with these high-quality newsletters that help you along the way. 

Each of the entrepreneur’s newsletters on this list is created with founders in mind and how to help them scale their leadership skills and scale the business itself. 

Subscribing to the best newsletters can be one of the best business decisions you can come up with.


Because it’s free, in-depth content on topics of your preference – nothing more, nothing less.

Hit us up if we missed your favorite one - we’re always open to suggestions!

Questions About Business Newsletters

What Are The Benefits of Subscribing To a Business Newsletter?

There are mainly two benefits: 1) You’ll receive the latest industry news; 2) You’ll learn new business models, strategies, stories, etc. All without leaving your email, which will save you a lot of time.

What Are The Top Business Newsletters?

Among the top business newsletters, you can find Morning Brew, which sends daily news of the industry, Accelerated, which is focused on technology and VC, and The Hustle, which covers the most trending business topics of every week.

What Are The Best Daily Business Newsletters?

Morning Brew is probably the biggest business newsletter sending daily emails with the latest news in the industry. +2.5M of people receives their curated emails every day.


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