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The 27 Best Entrepreneur Blogs to Improve as a Founder [2021]

Some blog articles have changed the way we thought about businesses and life. Here's a collection of our recommended blogs to keep an eye on in 2021.


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You want to learn from the best entrepreneur. The best entrepreneurs want to share what they have learned and help others.

That’s where blogs appear. Lots of business founders, investors and thought leaders frequently publish articles on their blogs.

Here’s a collection of the best blogs for entrepreneurs in 2021.

Best 27 Blogs for Entrepreneurs

1) Copyblogger

Blog for entrepreneur #1: Copyblogger

Description of the blog: Founded in 2006 by Brian Clark and Sonia Simone, this blog is the perfect place to improve your copywriting skills. From advice to useful tools, Copyblogger contains information that greatly helps entrepreneurs develop their businesses by focusing on the important stuff. Additionally, over 60 experts contribute to Brian’s blog and that makes Copyblogger one of the leaders in the blogosphere - recommended by a vast majority of its readers!

Best for: Copyblogger offers a variety of online lessons, ebooks, and premium digital products. Their guiding prowess in the world of content marketing is highly valued and recommended by tons of entrepreneurs seeking solutions to their problems. Clark’s goal is to help everyone develop and sell products through the written word.

Recommendation: Content Marketing: A Modern Guide

This guide can be the ultimate tool for you to upgrade your content marketing skills with all the expert-level tips and tricks!

2) Seth’s Blog

Entrepreneurship blogs #2: Seth’s Blog

Description of the blog: Seth Godin is one of the best-known marketers in the modern era and of course, he runs one of the most famous entrepreneur blogs. Throughout his career, Seth has served as a high-ranking marketing consultant for Yahoo! and other major companies. 

This entrepreneur blog is rich with articles and tutorials on digital marketing, motivational quotes, and advisory pieces for startups. Seth personally runs the blog and posts daily updates.

Best for: Seth’s entrepreneurship blog is the right choice for companies looking to develop their digital marketing campaigns. He offers countless solutions for startups and small businesses on how to manage and grow their income, and increase sales.

Recommendation: Professionals, hacks, and amateurs

This blogpost is all about the differences between professionals, hacks, and amateurs, explaining their roles and effects on businesses through detailed presentations.

3) Gary Vaynerchuk’s Blog

Blogs for entrepreneurs #3: Gary Vaynerchuk’s Blog

Description of the blog: Gary Vaynerchuk is a pioneer of internet marketing. In his lifetime, Gary has earned a top spot among elite marketers with his work on his father’s wine business. He took the sales of wine to the internet during the late ’90s and ever since, he’s been on a meteoric rise in the marketing world.

Gary is one of the most-watched marketers and motivational speakers on YouTube. His blog for entrepreneurs is packed with priceless advice and solutions for startups on how they can be more efficient in their work!

Best For: Gary offers tons of advice on how to avoid making grave mistakes while taking your business off the ground, before helping you grow it into the green. Looking for a more personal moment? Head over to his popular podcast where other entrepreneurs share their experiences!

Recommendation: What Brands Need To Know About ESports

Read up Gray’s opinion on what brands and entrepreneurs should know before putting their money in the world of esports.

4) Startups.com

Description of the blog: Founded in 2012 by Will Schroter, Startups.com is the biggest startup platform in the world, serving over a million new companies. It’s highly rated on entrepreneur blog ranking sites because of two reasons: they were among the first to publish videos, articles, and podcasts on startups and their collaboration with clarity.fm - a well-known and respected mentorship platform. Startups.com’s goal is to educate aspiring entrepreneurs by sharing tips and tricks you cannot get from formal education.

Best for: Providing valuable insight to small businesses and startups on how to become more competitive and noticeable in today’s digital economy. You can also find interviews with some of the most famous entrepreneurs in the world where they spill the beans on how they got where they are, and what you should do to be successful.

Recommendation: How do I leave my Startup Stress at Work?

Startups.co’s advice can help entrepreneurs keep their employees happy and reduce the transfer of work-related stress to their homes.

5) MoneyLab

Entrepreneurship blogs #5: MoneyLab

Description of the blog: Matt Giovanisci made this blog after gathering valuable experience with the many startups he developed and helped develop. MoneyLab is all about experimenting with innovative methods in the digital economy world. With his team of designers, journalists, and researchers, Matt tries to come up with ways to make the world a better place by democratizing the world of finance and economics.

Best for: All of you adventurous and creative entrepreneurs looking for new ways to power-up your businesses. Read up on all the reports and research and you might find the project or idea that will take your business to the stars!

Recommendation: My Regularly Scheduled Year in Review: 2019 Edition

Matt publishes an update on how his business performed in the previous year. In this one, he spills the beans on his brands, coupled with short reports on all the experiments he conducted, and some of his success and struggles on a professional and more personal plan.

6) Moz Blog

Blogs for entrepreneurs #6: Moz's blog

Description of the blog: Moz is known for being one of the first sites offering a variety of free and premium tools to improve a website’s SEO ranking. Created in 2004 by Rand Frishking, it started off as a blog where the first SEO tinkerers shared their ideas and experience in the field. The Moz blog then became the main marketing channel for their tools. Nowadays, on the blog you can find countless pieces of solid advice on SEO, as well as unique SEO software designed by Moz’s SEO experts.

Best for: All willing to learn how to use Moz’s tools like an expert, with lessons, ideas, and advice available in all articles. Perfect for all beginners trying to get a grasp of how the world of SEO works, and what makes it tick.

Recommendation: Preparing E-Commerce for the Post-COVID Bounce Back

This blogpost presents Moz’s expert’s ideas and thoughts on the rise of e-commerce during the COVID-19 pandemic, as more and more companies shift their focus to sell valuable products online to help others.

7) Backlinko

Entrepreneur blogs #7: Backlinko

Description of the blog: Backlinko is a SEO-focused blog spearheaded by Brian Dean and specialized in in-depth link building. Brian offers the advanced course SEO That Works - trusted by thousands of students! Guess that’s why major brands like Apple and IBM constantly seek advice directly from Brian - but he’s more than willing to share all the important bits on his blog for all aspiring entrepreneurs!

Best for: Backlinko is full of professional tips and strategies to get higher SERP rankings. Their strategies and methods are accepted by the majority of leading brands - and the reason is obvious: they work!

Recommendation: Off-Page SEO: The Definitive Guide

Backlinko’s off-page SEO detailed guide should be the fire-of-choice for anyone looking to build off-site smoke signals detectable by Google’s AI!

8) Baremetrics Blog

Entrepreneurship blogs #8: Baremetrics' blog

Description of the blog: Founded by Josh Pigford, Baremetrics is a famous metrics dashboard that allows tracking of lifetime value, churn rate, recruiting revenue, and average revenue per user. On their blog, you can find information on their analytics, and insights on how some techniques and strategies fared in their research.

Best for: All aspiring marketers: learn how to fine-tune it and get your business off the ground!

Recommendation: We sold Intros for $100,000: Turning a product failure into a business success

Sometimes our ideas can be hard to develop into something tangible and may require a lot more money and manpower to get them off the ground - making them incredibly hard to turn a profit on them. Read this article and learn how to turn a loser into a winner, and how selling parts of your business can be like selling products!

9) Prof Galloway

Blogs for entrepreneurs #9: Prof Galloway

Description of the blog: Prof. Galloway counts as a one-of-a-kind entrepreneur blog for the digital economy. It’s personally updated by Scott Galloway, a professor of marketing at NYU Stern. He shares his knowledge and ideas about the digital economy with all his students and subscribers.

Best for: Scott Galloway updates the blog himself each week with the latest news surrounding the startup world. Scott provides users with useful tips and advice that can help any aspiring or struggling entrepreneur. 

Recommendation: 2020 Predictions

In this one, Scott Galloway shares his predictions around businesses and startups for 2020 and the future of major players in the digital world.


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10) Failory

Entrepreneur blogs #10: Failory

Description of the blog: If you’re already here, do we need an introduction? We can just brag and say we’re one of the best blogs around, but the truth is, we try our damndest to offer you the most useful information on how to start your own profitable startup. Our blog contains all the information aspiring entrepreneurs need in order to develop their ideas and products from scratch and turn them into profit. Failory lays out all the phases a startup can go through - from the first step, growing, making mistakes, the inevitable small failures, and the hard-won victories! Can’t say we suck, can ya?

Best for: Failory shares information and insights like other entrepreneurship blogs, but our content stands out for its comprehensive and detailed articles on failed businesses and the mistakes they made.

Recommendation: Startup Failure Rate: Ultimate Report + Infographic

In this one, you can read all the data behind the failure of startups - the hows, the whys, with their founders shedding light on the whole matter from a different perspective.

11) Paul Graham Essays

Entrepreneurship blogs #11: Paul Graham Essays

Description of the blog: Paul Graham’s blog is stacked with knowledge on programming, venture capitalism, and entrepreneurship. His expertise covers wide areas, but he has a specific focus on books about programming languages and essays, making him one of the best writers in the field.

Best for: Paul’s tips and quotes are highly rated in the IT world and he presents them in essays that cover multiple business niches. His site contains countless essays about investing and making sure that your startup will live up to its expectation!

Recommendation: Charisma / Power

The Charisma / Power essay is a comprehensive description of powerful but uncharismatic people, their professional struggles, and how can they change - for the better!

12) OkDork

Entrepreneur blogs #12: OkDork

Description of the blog: OkDork Blog is invented by the charismatic and vastly experienced Noah Kagan, with giants like Facebook and Mint on his portfolio. Noah created his entrepreneurship blog to share his thoughts with kindred spirits, but he found something more: an audience to talk to about marketing, startup management, personal development, and growth.

Best for: Noah continues spreading his wisdom throughout the marketing and business world, and his blog gets updated weekly with the newest events and trends in the entrepreneurship world. You can always find detailed guides and information that we can all use - and not just for business purposes! You may want to listen to his podcast where many entrepreneurs talk about finally making their life-changing decisions - it’s a goldmine of motivation!

Recommendation: The Lululemon Story: How to Build a Brand with a Cult Following

This one may interest you - it’s Noah’s conversation with Chip Wilson, the founder of Lululemon, about his meteoric rise to a multi-billion dollar company.

13) Harvard Business Review

Entrepreneurship blogs #13: Harvard Business Review

Description of the blog: This popular site consistently publishes content from industry leaders, covering topics such as success stories, business plans, innovations, strategies, and leadership. Harvard’s reviews are advertised by top marketers and entrepreneurs, constantly working to educate its reader base.

Best for: Comprehensive, well-researched articles covering some of the most popular trends in the world today. Feeling a bit outdated and out-of-sync with the world today? The HBR is the place to update yourself on all worldly matters of importance.

Recommendation: How to Stay Focused If You’re Assigned to Multiple Projects at Once

Entrepreneurs face new challenges every day, as creating profitable products is not a simple task, and neither is pushing them onto the market. Read this article on how to stay focused on multiple assignments and then - complete your tasks!

14) Ahrefs Blog

Blogs for entrepreneurs #14: Ahrefs blog

Description of the blog: Ahrefs is Dmitry Gerasimenko’s brainchild. It came to prominence in the late 2000s with their Site Explorer - a backlink analysis tool that boomed in the world of SEO. The rest is, as they say, history. Consider their blog to be the best SEO info vault on the internet today - an endless stream of tutorials, studies, and consultations.

Best for: Learning the basics of SEO - keywords, backlinks, structure, the whole deal  - and how to use their tools to maximum effect!

Recommendation: What Are Keywords? How to Use Them for SEO

In this blogpost, Ahrefs offers detailed advice on how to find, optimize and use the right keywords to show up in Google’s SERPs

15) Buffer’s Blog

Entrepreneur blogs #15: Buffer's blog

Description of the blog: Buffer is an app designed to manage social network accounts. It helps businesses grow by allowing them to schedule posts on social networks and monitor their results to see how their audience reacts. The blog contains daily news, tips, and advice on how to grow your presence on social media.

Best for: Entrepreneurs looking for ideas on how to improve their social media campaigns. From startups to major companies, anyone can find what they’re looking for!

Recommendation: What’s the Best Way to Spend 30 Minutes of Your Time on Social Media Marketing?

Spend no more than half an hour on your social media marketing campaign after reading this blog post! It has all the information and tips on how to manage your work time - and be efficient while doing it! 

16) Andrew Chen

Entrepreneurship blogs #16: Andrew Chen's blog

Description of the blog: Andrew Chen’s blog is specialized in mobile products and user growth, presenting all of his knowledge on website metrics, network, and next-gen social products. You can request an opinion from Andrew himself on a specific topic, and remember - he also delves into matters in more detail into his books! 

Best for: Chen’s blog is an excellent source of crucial information about growing your business and your user base. Andrew shares his thoughts and ideas with everyone willing to engage in developing startups and entrepreneurship. The recent news about mobile products, metrics, and startups is always on Andrew’s blog and a large number of users are constantly scrolling through it to stay up-to-date with current events! 

Recommendation: What’s next in growth?

Check out this post for Andrew’s two cents on the direction of growth in the near future.

17) Grow & Convert

Blogs for entrepreneurs #17: Grow & Convert's blog

Description of the blog: Grow & Convert is another popular content marketing site/blog that offers a variety of information about research, promotion techniques, and content strategies. Its founder Benji Hyam and his colleagues constantly update this blog with articles on topics important in the digital marketing community.

Best for: Comprehensive analyses and training videos for entrepreneurs on how they can improve their marketing strategies to attract more customers. They also have case studies in which they explain how their clients grew their businesses in terms of SEO methodology and the strategies they deployed.

Recommendation: Content Strategy Case Study: 10,000 Hyper-Targeted Visitors in 3 Weeks

In this case study, they explain all the steps in Modernweb’s strategy, from development and deployment to results. Every step contains questions every entrepreneur should ask themselves, and the conclusion explains how you can try this strategy yourself.

18) ConversionXL

Entrepreneur blogs #18: ConversionXL

Description of the blog: Founded by Pep Laja, this awesome blog is filled with information and data on in-depth marketing, analytics, and optimization techniques. If you run a small or medium business, CXL offers useful advice on how to grow it faster: through their conversion optimization online programs, of course!

Best for: ConversionXL is known for its wide-spread knowledge in marketing and content. The professionals here are always ready to spare some time for their readers and share the latest news and updates from the field.

Recommendation: How to Create Content that Customers Actually Care About

CXL’s blog guide about content creation is a fine example of an article that contains valuable details on creating content to keep your readers’ attention, guarantee their advocacy, and attract new readers through the patronage of your fans!

19) First Round Review

Entrepreneurship blogs #19: First Round Review

Description of the blog: First Round Review is an entrepreneur blog operated by the VC firm First Round Capital. The blog is focused on high-quality content marketing and startup management advice given out by Camille Rickets and her group of experts. The newest affairs and events are posted twice a week for their half-a-million-strong audience - solid proof that the First Round Review blog belongs on our list!

Best for: First Round Review is the perfect learning source if you’re having difficulties acquiring new customers, recruiting talent, and building brand awareness. Feel free to read through some of their posts - you’ll see why they’re popular!

Recommendation: Here's the Advice I Give All of Our First Time Founders

First Round Review partner Rob Hayes shares his priceless advice to all first-time founders out there - something that can be of great value to potential entrepreneurs! 

20) The Startup-Medium

Blogs for entrepreneurs #20: The Startup-Medium

Description of the blog: The Startup is Medium’s largest publications presenter, followed by more than 600,000 subscribers. It’s founder Ali Mese has dedicated the blog to simplifying life for all startup investors, filling it with numerous tips and tricks for startups, both new and established. 

Best for: The Startup blog contains various pieces and useful articles on creating and then fine-tuning your skills as an entrepreneur. No wonder it’s regarded as one of the best entrepreneur blogs on the internet - Ali Mese and his partners upload news and advice surrounding all matters entrepreneurial - on a daily basis! 

Recommendation: How the Founder of Slack & Flickr Turned Colossal Failures into Billion-dollar Companies

Jessica Lim’s article about Stewart Butterfield is our recommendation from The Startup. Read about a journey filled with failures and challenges that made Stewart who (and what) he is today!

21) Nat Eliason’s Blog 

Entrepreneur blogs #21: Nat Eliason’s Blog

Description of the blog:  Nat Eliason’s blog is an excellent place for any entrepreneurs who like to expand your knowledge on multiple topics like psychology, marketing, entrepreneurship, philosophy, health, self-education, and many more. He’s equally passionate about these topics in life too - we had a chance to have him as our guest on our podcast!

Best for: As he’s a founder himself, his tips on how to start a company, how to make money, how to increase productivity are pure gold. He has enough experience in his hands and he’s sharing that, almost unselfishly, with every founder-to-be.

RecommendationHow to Make Passive Income

This blog post is all about the out-of-the-box thinking any entrepreneur needs. Besides your business, it’s important to develop a growth mindset in every area and to learn how to make money even when you’re not working. Nat and his tips on passive sales machines that can get you the big bucks can be of real value to any founder! 

22) Marketing Examples 

Entrepreneurship blogs #22: Marketing Examples

Description of the blog:  Harry Dry, the founder of the Marketing Examples, uses this blog to share his knowledge on creating a comprehensive digital marketing strategy and he’s pretty good at it! Everything you could possibly think of digital marketing, you have it on this blog - in a case study form. He’s bringing value to every reader by sharing real-life examples of content marketing, copywriting, SEO, PPC, and other digital marketing industries. 

Best for: Does writing cold emails give you headaches? Well, with Harry’s valuable insights, that will become a thing from the past. In his blog, you’ll find more than enough resources to start working on an effective cold email strategy.

RecommendationHow I got 2,000 new subscribers from Product Hunt

Increasing your online tribe is a real challenge for any new entrepreneur. In this blog post, Harry tells his readers how he managed to get more than 3000 new subscribers from Product Hunt in only 72 hours! Be sure to check it out! 

23) SaaS Marketer Blog

Blogs for entrepreneurs #23: SaaS Marketer Blog

Description of the blog: If you’re running a SaaS business, you’re probably in a desperate need for some outside help. If that’s the case, this blog is just what you need. SaaS Marketer is run by Tom Hunt, who after successfully overcoming adversity in his company, decided to share his specific growth hacking techniques for SaaS companies. 

Best for: Word of mouth is still one of the best marketing strategies and it’s even easier to do it when the product is closer to perfection! Tom will share his insights on how to properly do word of mouth strategies for your SaaS company. 

Recommendation: 9 Unconventional SaaS Marketing Strategies Feat. Tim Soulo of Ahrefs

Tim Soulo, the CMO of one of the most comprehensive SEO tools nowadays - Ahrefs, speaks about the different marketing strategies they’ve used to place their software on the market. Pretty useful insights for anyone who’s in the same position as Tim. 

24) Both Sides of the Table

Entrepreneur blogs #24: Both Sides of the Table

Description of the blog: Written by two-times entrepreneur Marc Suster, this blog is for early-stage founders who like to learn more about the other side of running a business - investors and their way of thinking. If you want to become a successful founder, you need to get inside the head of your potential VC and this blog has all the information about it! 

Best for: Check the Startup Lessons part of the blog! From practical tips on how to deal with investors to a more in-depth analysis of the mind of business angels - the value of these lessons is almost priceless! 

Recommendation: An Inside Scoop on the Funding Environment and What it Might Mean for You

Going through the process of investment rounds is not a walk in the park. In this blog post, you’ll read about a specific case study for Invoca and how they’ve raised $30 million! 

25) a16z

Entrepreneurship blogs #25: a16z

Description of the blog: a16z is a product of two hard working men, who decided to give back to the entrepreneurship community. The founders of the blog, Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz want to use their expertise and educate entrepreneurs on multiple topics - how to run a company, how to communicate with venture capitalists, and how to manage an engineering team, or any team for that matter! 

Best for: As a venture capital company investing in late-stage technology companies, a16z blog is the ideal source for staying up to date about the latest tech developments and running a SaaS company. 

Recommendation: Building a Better, Blacker Tech Pipeline

Excellent story on two women, who didn’t settle for anything less than success - great for any entrepreneurs who are feeling a bit unmotivated!

26) 500.co

Blogs for entrepreneurs #26: 500.co

Description of the blog: 500.com is a company that discovers and empowers entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams. Just like its mission, the company’s blog is filled with extraordinary blog posts addressing every aspect of building a company from scratch.  

Best for: No entrepreneurship blog is complete without founders’ stories - from the initial idea and daily challenges to building a stable company. Their stories are inspirational but also educational, so it’s a must for any newbie in the business world! 

Recommendation: Handling Uncertainty: Increasing Runway and Customer Acquisition during Crisis

We’re in the middle of a pandemic that has an enormous effect on our economy. Learning how to run a business and retain customers during a crisis is a skill every entrepreneur should own and you can learn a lot about it from this blog post. 

27) The Founder Coach

Entrepreneur blogs #27: The Founder Coach

Description of the blog: Dave Bailey is one of Europe’s best CEO coaches. He developed exceptional mentoring skills by working with some of the best CEO’s. Now, he wants to do the same for any new entrepreneur through his blog. The Founder Coach is all about teaching founders proper communication techniques, developing leadership style, and choosing the right management that suits your company the best. 

Best for: Becoming the greatest leader is not a task for the faint-hearted. Dave’s tips on building a mindset of a constructive leader will be just what any new entrepreneur needs! 

Recommendation: How to Sell the Problem Before Selling the Solution

If you’re having trouble finding exactly what your customers need and provide the proper solution for it, reading this blog post will solve the dilemma. 


There you have it, the 20 most popular entrepreneur blogs for 2021. All of them are focused on sharing similar ideas, advice, tips, and quotes that can be of help to any business-in-the-making.

Take your time going through all of these, do your research, consolidate your idea, and you’ll figure out why these specific blogs ended up on our list. Take their thoughts and solutions, use them for your business growth, and make an impact that will resonate around the world!

In case we missed some blogs, please shoot us an email - we’re always looking for the best of the best!

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