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The Best 19 Free Business Books & 7 Places To Find More

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December 30, 2021
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Entrepreneurs need to always be up-to-date with all the goings in the world of business, and learn from fellow businessmen who share their experience and ideas.

Books, podcasts, blogs - these are just some of the mediums you can use to learn from some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.

Books on businesses written by businessmen can be a goldmine for any aspiring entrepreneur, so if you feel you need the insight of the more experienced, here’s a list of the best free business books out there!

19 Best Free Business Books

1) 5 Habits to Building Better Products Faster

Free business book #1 :5 Habits to Building Better Products Faster

Name of the book: 5 Habits to Building Better Products Faster

Description of the book: This free eBook covers everything you need to know on how to approach problem-solving in your business, and how to find what your customers need and want. Not only that, it teaches you how to derive something that can be turned into a product or a service.

A good product or idea is worth nothing if you don’t know how to adapt it to your target customers’ needs. As the title of the book suggests, these business practices need to become your habits if you want to become successful!

Author: Hiten Shah

Length: 56 pages

Where to get it: 5 Habits to Building Better Products Faster

2) Project Management Tactics for Pros

Business book free #2: Project Management Tips & Tricks

Name of the book: Project Management Tactics for Pros

Description of the book: Managing a business can be a nightmare if you’re not well-acquainted with the practices and methods needed to succeed. In this book, you can learn how to manage your team in a fast-paced environment: time is money in the world of business, so tackling all issues in an effective manner can make the difference between success and failure!

The book is centered around the role of project manager and its responsibilities, explained in bite-sized pieces, alongside a list of questions all entrepreneurs should ask themselves before taking on a project.

Author: Netguru

Length: 68 pages 

Where to get it: Project Management Tactics for Pros

3) Managing Digital Projects

Free business ebook 3: Managing Digital Projects

Name of the book: Managing Digital Projects

Description of the book: This amazing eBook covers everything you need to know when taking on clients: approaching them, pitching them ideas, planning projects, and having oversight of all activities and overall progress. Additionally, this book explains how to engage in collaborations and set effective timetables within your team.

All of the above is nothing new nor revolutionary, but if you look at failed businesses you’ll see they failed to implement all of them to the fullest, which can lead to latency on projects and unhappy clients. A strong structure and effective delegation of responsibilities is a must if you want to succeed!

Author: Active Collab

Length: 128 pages

Where to get it: Active Collab

4) Design for Business

Business ebook 4: Design for Business

Name of the book: Design for Business

Description of the book: This free book is perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to add flair and elegance to their business projects. We all know the business world is all about design, so leading businesses and projects require a more pragmatic approach that demands efficiency and finesse. This is usually achieved through a somewhat fixed set of rules that stretch throughout the company, but designing works with its own, separate rules - and that’s what this book talks about.

Providing a glimpse of the effect of design on your final product, this book can be the deciding factor in bringing you closer to your existing, and potentially new business clients!

Author: Tubik

Length: 47 pages

Where to get it: Tubik Magazine

5) The Content Marketing Playbook

Business book pdf #5: The Content Marketing Playbook

Name of the book: The Content Marketing Playbook

Description of the book: No online business today stands a chance if they don’t engage in the big world of content marketing and search engine marketing. As an entrepreneur, you’ll have to find your place on the internet and get busy building your brand’s image and developing your PR strategy if you want to succeed!

The Content Marketing Playbook can be just the tool you need. The book is written by the extraordinary founder of both Kissmetrics and CrazyEgg, Hiten Shah - so you know his insights are priceless. With his book, Hiten wants to prove to any early-stage founder that content marketing works - but only if you do it right. That’s why reading his guidelines, tips, insights can only improve your content marketing strategy and help you scale your small business faster in the online world! 

Also, you’ll learn how businesses increase their online presence by engaging millions of users - that’s a perfect way to get people to remember your business!

Author: Hiten Shah

Where to get it: The Content Marketing Playbook


Sendinblue Logo

All-in-one digital marketing platform empowering small businesses to build stronger customer relationships. Use promo code “Failory” and get a premium account FREE for one month.

6) The BAMF Bible

Free business book #6: The BAMF Bible

Name of the book: The BAMF Bible

Description of the book: In order to become a BAMF in the real world, you have to have a strong presence in the virtual one. The BAMF Bible is a book that contains more than 500 growth hacking techniques that can help turn your internet presence into money!

Whatever you’re offering as an entrepreneur, if it’s not doing good on the internet, it won’t do good in real life. That’s why growth-hacking has become such an important field in the world of digital marketing. The virtual world can take you from obscurity to fame in a flash, and this book contains all the tips-and-tricks to help you light that spark!

Author: Josh Fechter

Length: 327 pages

Where to get it: The BAMF Bible

7) The BAMF Content Machine

Business book free #7: The BAMF Content Machine

Name of the book: The BAMF Content Machine

Description of the book: The book that had the writing community absolutely smitten - The BAMF Content Machine. The positive reader feedback is proof that Josh really outperformed himself with his business book, and word-of-mouth is a giant factor when it comes to books that give you advice! 

Josh shares tips on how to create outstanding content that will not only generate leads but increase your business credibility too! His verified methods will help your business reach a bigger audience, sure, but by sharing his real-life stories, he puts the focus on building long-lasting personal relationships as a primary metric in the business world. 

And according to his numerous satisfied readers, that’s the key to success! 

Author: Josh Fechter

Length: 141 pages

Where to get it: BAMF Content Machine

8) Brick by Brick

Free business ebook #8: Brick by Brick

Name of the book: Brick by Brick

Description of the book: Building your online community is one of the most important aspects of having a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. However, the business community rarely talks about it. That’s precisely what motivated Sacha to write this book. As someone who has over 35.000 subscribers on his daily newsletter Sidebar.io, Sacha’s tips are not to be underestimated! 

If you want to constantly grow your online tribe, you need to work on building long-term relationships with your users. In his free business book, Sacha shares insights from some of the most successful community builders, ones that you as a fellow entrepreneur should definitely discuss with your manager! 

Author: Sacha Greif

Length: 37 pages

Where to get it: Community Building Guide

9) The Fundraising Field Guide

Business ebook #9: The Fundraising Field Guide

Name of the book: The Fundraising Field Guide

Description of the book: Perhaps the most terrifying moment for any entrepreneur is raising funds for the business idea - no one likes rejections! Luckily, this is one of those free business books that are all about educating the founders-to-be on how to raise funds - the smart way!

Carlos explains the entire process in detail - from the materials and documents you’ll need, to learning about communities of investors, business angels, and shareholders. These are all pieces of valuable information when it comes to advancing your business and building the mindset of a successful fundraiser.

Raising funds may seem too confusing and challenging for early-stage founders, and this business book will train you to do it right! 

Author: Carlos Eduardo Espinal

Length: 170 pages

Where to get itFundraising Field Guide

10) Startup Playbook

Business book pdf #10: Startup Playbook

Name of the book: Startup Playbook

Description of the book: The Startup Playbook is the ultimate free business book for anyone who’s just about to enter the entrepreneurial world! Written in a conversational tone and easily understandable by anyone, this book is proof that a small detail that connects with your thoughts can make reading far more enjoyable! 

The book explains everything from the initial idea and building an effective team that always delivers, to creating a product or service that the market will absolutely adore! 

Author: Sam Altman

Length: 67 pages

Where to get it: Startup Playbook

11) The Lean Validation Playbook

Free business book #11: The Lean Validation Playbook

Name of the book: The Lean Validation Playbook

Description of the book: Wanna ensure the effectiveness and profitability of your business idea in the long run? Well, you can never be sure until you put it out there, but there are ways to make your entry into the market less risky and painful. 

The Lean Validation Playbook is all about helping entrepreneurs validate their business ideas. One pro-tip from this book: talk with your users and potential customers. The feedback you’ll receive from potential customers might turn out to be more productive than the opinions of your first-rate employees!

Author: Jon Lay and Zsolt Kocsmárszky

Where to get it: The Lean Validation Playbook

12) Learning To Launch

Business book free #12: Learning to Launch

Name of the book: Learning To Launch 

Description of the book: Launching six projects in six months? That’s what we call a challenge! It might seem like a crazy idea, but Fred and Mike decided to try it! After successfully completing their goals and launching 7 projects in a single year, they’ve decided to share their insights with the online community through their free business book! 

In Learning To Launch, Fred and Mike talk about everything they’ve experienced and learned while trying to build their companies within the deadline. If you’re at the starting point of your entrepreneurial journey or you need some empowerment for your ideas, this is the book for you!  

Authors: Fred Rivett and Mike Gatward

Length: 62 pages 

Where to get it: Learning To Launch

13) 50 Startup Founders Reveal Why Their Startups Failed 

Free business ebook #13: 50 Startup Founders Reveal Why Their Startups Failed

Name of the book: 50 Startup Founders Reveal Why Their Startups Failed

Description of the book: This wonderful book by Thomas Oppong can be extremely valuable for many entrepreneurs, simply because of its title. Thomas presents 50 failed startup founders and their experiences after their ideas vanished and their dreams were abandoned.

Use the knowledge from this book - learn something from some of the worst founders in the world!

Author: Thomas Oppong

Length: 28 pages 

Where to get it: 50 Startup Founders Reveal Why Their Startups Failed

14) How to Start a Business You Love & That Loves You Back

Business ebook #14: How to Start a Business You Love & That Loves You Back

Name of the book: How to Start a Business You Love & That Loves You Back

Description of the book: Planning to start a business on your own? Michele Pariza Wacek gives you scores of advice and solutions for startups, including how to avoid any unnecessary steps in the beginning, keep your business in the green, and help you manage everything with ease!

Author: Michele Pariza Wacek

Length: 42 pages 

Where to get it: How to Start a Business You Love & That Loves You Back

15) Sales and Marketing for Productized Services

Business book pdf #15: Sales and Marketing for Productized Services

Name of the book: Sales and Marketing for Productized Services

Description of the book: After successfully finishing his first book in a day, Robin Hayden, the co-founder of ManyPixels, decided to write another one in one week! 

This time, his entire focus was on sales and marketing, the topics he likes the most. 

In his book, he shares actionable tips on everything related to productized services - emphasis on actionable! He believes that no one should spend too much time in the preparation stage - actions are what get more customers! Especially when it comes to market placement of productized services - do it now, adjust it later is the ultimate principle of his working, one that he tries to pass on to his readers! 

Author: Robin Vander Heyden

Length: 56 pages

Where to get it: Sales and Marketing for Productized Services

16) Don’t Just Roll the Dice

Free business book #16: Don't just roll the dice

Name of the book: Don’t Just Roll the Dice

Description of the book: If you’re planning to run a SaaS company, you can’t allow yourself to miss this book. Neil Davidson does an excellent job sharing pro-tips about software pricing, ones that can help any tech-entrepreneur come up with better business decisions. 

His writing style is simple and straight to the point. Also, his tips are applicable to any product pricing in any industry, not just software! All in all, it’s a free business book worth having.

Author: Neil Davidson

Length: 68 pages 

Where to get it: Don’t Just Roll the Dice

17) The Holloway Guide to Using Twitter

Business book free #17: The Holloway Guide to Using Twitter

Name of the book: The Holloway Guide to Using Twitter

Description of the book: As the Twitter audience grows day by day, it becomes the ideal place to interact with various multitalented people - and that’s exactly what this book teaches you! 

The Holloway Guide to Using Twitter is a free practical guide that will teach you how to use Twitter to find like-minded people with whom you can discuss all sorts of ideas and build long-lasting collaborators, as well as how to build an audience of followers who interact with what you publish.

One quick note: The Holloway’s writers are writing a lot of in-depth guides on startup -related topics, feel free to check them out here!  

Author: Fadeke Adegbuyi

Length: 70 pages

Where to get it: The Holloway Guide to Using Twitter 

18) 279 Days To Overnight Success

Free business ebook #18: 279 Days To Overnight Success

Name of the book: 279 Days To Overnight Success

Description of the book: Overnight success? No such thing in the business world and that’s the main storyline of this free business book. Chris does a superb job explaining everything he went through on his 279 days journey of creating his new career in social media. 

The mistakes he made, the short-term and long-term successes, the exact strategies he used - you have it all in here! This book is a profound reminder that nothing can be achieved overnight, but as long as you know where you’re going, you’ll get there one way or another! 

Author: Chris Guillebeau

Length: 79 pages 

Where to get it: 279 Days To Overnight Success

19) Ship It

Business ebook #19: Ship It

Name of the book: Ship It 

Description of the book: Every entrepreneur should become a master of multitasking. However, between running a company, helping the developers and their tasks, creating sales and marketing strategies, and maintaining a work-life balance, you can easily get defocused. That’s why you as a future business founder should read this free business book, where some of the most successful Project Managers from top-notch companies, share their secrets on proper project management. 

Project Managers from Airbnb, Reddit, and Square talk about their working style - how to use customer data effectively, how to communicate better with your team, and how to improve your leadership style. An excellent choice for anyone who likes to know as much as possible about the role of Project Manager. 

Authors: Product School, Nathan Thomas, Gabriela Araujo (Editor), Roy Cobby (Editor)

Length: 41 pages 

Where to get it: Ship It

7 Places to Find Business Books for Free

If you want to find more free business books, check these websites:

  1. Amazon (Kindle Unlimited)
  2. Google Books
  3. Open Library
  4. Barnes & Nobles
  5. Project Gutenberg
  6. E-Books Directory
  7. Nonfik

What book did we miss?

Staying up to date in this fast-paced world can be the key difference between a successful entrepreneur and someone who gives up way too easy. Read any of these free business ebooks - you’ll get a taste of some of the greatness and uniqueness of the innovators who rule the world through money and technology.

Pick one, or read all of them: it’s up to you. 

Remember: the main goal is to always challenge your beliefs. By reading resourceful business books, your leading habits will endure positive, profit-making changes!  

Let us know if we missed your favorite ones, we’re always open for suggestions! 

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