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FullStory Pricing: Quotes From 9 Customers


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FullStory doesn’t have transparent pricing plan as most SaaS do.

If you’re looking to get a better price on your FullStory subscription or you’re simply intrigued by the tool’s pricing, go on reading this article.

FullStory Prices From 9 Customers

We collected the following data from Capiche and this Twitter thread:

  • $499/mo for 350k session and 2 months recording retention.
  • $750/mo for 200k sessions/mo, 4 months of data history, and 21 seats.
  • $299/month for 25k sessions and 1 month of data history.
  • $247/month for 75k sessions/mo and 2 months of data history.
  • $1,000/month (billed annually) for 100,000 sessions.
  • $1920/year on the Startup Program.
  • $1,000/year under their Startup Program after a couple of emails.
  • Free for 12 months via Twilio Segment Startup Program (20 seats, 1,000 sessions, and a month of data retention)
  • Initial quote: $850/month. Quote after begging and pleading: $500/month.

Here is what some of FullStory’s customers say about their pricing in G2:

  • They put a lot of pressure on upgrading to a more expensive plan. The pricing isn't transparent and extremely difficult to plan for.
  • It is expensive and the price increases if you want more recordings of sessions.
  • It can be cost-prohibitive to some depending on budget, but not overpriced for what you are getting and the support they offer.
  • They want you to switch to annual contracts. This shows their priority is larger enterprise contracts and not startups.
  • We are on a grandfathered plan, and despite our best effort to try to pay them more, they don’t let us. Our only option is to triple our cost even though we are only barely over our # of sessions each month.
  • It turns out to be really expensive for startups, going as high as your monthly AWS costs.

And here’s what FullStory’s team replied to the concerns regarding the pricing of one of their customers: “We recognize that as your business grows, so do your sessions. Our pricing scales based on the added value users see from our platform (most businesses see a 10X ROI on taking action based on the insights provided in the offering).”

How to Get a Better Price on FullStory

These are the 3 ways to get a discount on FullStory’s pricing:

  1. Negotiation: Many founders have claimed that it’s possible to get a lower price than FullStory’s initial quotation by simply requesting it.
  2. FullStory’s Startups Program: FullStory has a scholarship program for early-stage startups. They don’t specify the requisites anywhere on their site. This offer is valid for one year and only for new customers.
  3. Twilio Segment Startup Program: If you form part of Segment’s Startup Program, you can get a free account with 20 seats, 1K sessions, and a month of data retention. It’s not specified for how long this offer is valid.

FullStory Pricing Plans

FullStory has two pricing plans called “Business” and “Enterprise.” You can see all of their differences on their Plans page.

The Business plan has a 14-day demo which includes 5,000 sessions. In order to subscribe to any of these plans, you have to request a Demo from a FullStory team member.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FullStory used for?

FullStory is used to monitor the whole digital experience of an app or website users.

What does FullStory cost?

FullStory costs $300-$1,000/month, depending on the number of seats, sessions and months of data retention.

Who are FullStory competitors?

Amplitude, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Hotjar and Heap.


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