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The 10 Remote Startup Accelerators


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A virtual or remote accelerator is an emerging concept in the startup industry that enables founders from different geographical locations to network, learn, and build their startups together.

This article explores some of the remote startup accelerators available.

The 10 Remote Startup Accelerators

1) YCombinator

Sector: Accounting, Consulting, Finance, Virtual Currency, Software, Internet, Mobile, Healthcare, E-commerce

Funding: $150K

Noteworthy Startups: Airbnb, DoorDash, Stripe, Instacart, Brex, Coinbase, Reddit, Dropbox

Website: https://www.ycombinator.com/

2) Techstars

Sector: Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, Tech

Funding: $120K

Noteworthy Startups: Chainalysis, ClassPass, DataRobot, DigitalOcean, Outreach, Remitly, SalesLoft, SendGrid

Website: https://www.techstars.com/

3) Urban-X

Sector: Public Health, Safety, Food Waste, Water, Building Tech, City Infrastructure, Energy, Mobility, GovTech, Autonomous Vehicles, CleanTech, Tech, Construction, Fintech, Government, Real Estate, Smart Buildings, Transportation

Funding: $150K

Noteworthy Startups: Industrial/Organic, Evolve Energy

Website: https://www.urban-x.com/


Sendinblue Logo

All-in-one digital marketing platform empowering small businesses to build stronger customer relationships. Use promo code “Failory” and get a premium account FREE for one month.

4) Surge

Sector: Consumer Internet, DeepTech, Enterprise Software, Healthcare, FintTech, MedicalTech, Blockchain, D2C, Artificial Intelligence, Medical

Funding: No data

Noteworthy Startups: Kutumb, LambdaTest, BukuKas, Zenyum, Atlan

Website: https://www.surgeahead.com/

5) MVP Lab by Mozilla Builders Incubator

Sector: Search, Web Assembly, Artificial Intelligence, Messaging, Social Networking, Decentralized Web, Collaboration, Society, Decentralization, Surveillance Capitalism, Misinformation, Content, Internet, Browser Extensions, Open Source, Software, Web

Funding: $16K

Noteworthy Startups: Kapor Capital, CircleCI, Dark, Outliers Venture Capital, HeadsApp Inc

Website: https://builders.mozilla.community/

6) Faster Capital

Sector: Internet, Software, Healthcare,  HR, Legal Tech, AdTech, Cloud

Funding: $20K - $2M

Noteworthy Startups: Nakkeb, 1-mo, TVlize, Dooet, FulHost

Website: https://fastercapital.com/

7) German Accelerator

Sector: Biotechnology, Enterprise Software, SaaS, Data Analytisc, FinTech, Digital Health

Funding: No data

Noteworthy Startups: BackHub, Bytro, CliqMeet, Contigua, HoneyTracks, ApiOmat

Website: https://nextstepasia.de/

8) Seed Ready

Sector: Information Technologies, Internet

Funding: Not available

Noteworthy Startups: TUBR, Topia.life, TRACX, Get My Equipment, Brokit

Website: https://www.seedready.org/

9) Alts Capital Online

Sector: Blockchain, Robotics, FinTech, Smart Cities, E-commerce, SaaS, EdTech, Logistics

Funding: $50K

Noteworthy Startups: Blockchain Labs, MiGood, Insurmatics

Website: https://www.altscapital.com

10) Future Founders

Sector: Education, Non Profit, Social Entrepreneurship

Funding: No data

Noteworthy Startups: Deliveree, Seed Slide, Omnipointment, Zcruit, Roo Storage

Website: https://www.futurefounders.com/

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