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Radar Radio

UK digital radio station
Startup Cemetery
United Kingdom
Shut Down
Mismanagement of Funds
Number of Founders:
Name of Founders:
Ollie Ashley
Number of Employees:
Number of Funding Rounds:
Total Funding Amount:
Number of Investors:

What was Radar Radio?

Radar Radio was a London-based and seemingly vibrant online radio station that was seen to be the breeding ground for some of the most talented broadcasters and musicians of the next generation. The station was renowned for hosting shows that highlighted established as well as new musical talent. Some of the guests that were hosted on these shows include the likes of  JME, Cardi B, and MIA. The station was owned by Ollie Ashley and mainly appealed to the youth across different racial devices, and especially people of color.


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Why did Radar Radio fail and shut down?

At the start of 2018, Radar Radio would no doubt be counted among the most exciting digital radio stations in the UK. However, later on, it started spiraling towards its destruction when allegations of internal exploitation started surfacing. For instance, in April of 2018, local DJ Pxssy Palace accused the station of stealing many ideas from people of color and exploiting marginalized groups for “capitalist purposes.” During this period, many DJs, producers, presenters, and other employees left the station, before its broadcasting was suspended on April 16th with the promise to investigate the allegations. 

The station was also engrossed in accusations of sexual harassment. For instance, there were claims of female employees being inappropriately touched while on duty. Unfortunately, all these accusations were swept under the carpet under the pretext of the confidentiality agreement. A former producer, Ashtart Al-Hurra, published a blog post detailing what she had experienced at Radar Radio. In her post, she claims to have been sexually harassed by DJs at the station and associated events. On top of this, some of her colleagues were rumored to have slept with some of them. 

Besides the numerous accusations, the company also had its fair share of financial struggles. For instance, its balance sheet indicated that Radar owed its creditors more than £4m, with this sum falling due just within one year of the period that ended in April 2017. Out of this amount, around £3.6m was owed to Mash Holdings, Radar’s parent company, and over £400,000 to trade creditors. 

All these factors combined saw Radar Radio, a seemingly promising and profitable venture close its operations. However, until today, their management has not released any official communication about the reopening or resolution of the mentioned issues.

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