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🔎 What is Failory?

Failory is a platform where we weekly publish new content related to startups. From interviews to articles, including post-mortem posts, guides and stories. Moreover, you can also find some great tools that will help you if you are startup founder looking to build, grow and monetize a business.

🚧 How did you build it?

We developed all the website in Webflow, which is a visual responsive web design tool. In order to build the blog, we decided to divide the articles according to the knowledge each one of us had from each topic.

💰 How are you making money?

After working in Failory for months without earning a single penny, in February 2018 we finally earned our first dollar. In fact, they were $160. We are monetizing Failory with the following strategies:

- Sponsorships: We sell sponsorships on our weekly newsletters and on different slots on the site. Businesses find them really useful, as they are able to reach thousands of small and medium startup founders. Our email subscribers and web visitors usually also find these ads useful, as we only sponsor tools that we find attractive and think our email list will like.

- Affiliate Marketing: We include affiliate links to books and tools recommended by our interviewees. This strategy needs some work yet ;)

🎤 How can I be interviewed?

If you wish to be interviewed, you first need to go to the contribute page. Then, you have to select one of the three options, whether you want to write a guest post, an interview talking about a previous failed startup you had, or about your current successful business. Once you have decided, you will have to follow the instructions listed there, which will basically consist on completing a form and waiting for us to approve the request.

🤝 How can we contact you?

You can send us a message through the little chat box on the bottom corner, or you can email us to nico@failory.com. Another way is to send us a message through our social networks, which you can find below.