Hey! How are you? We are the team behind FAILORY.

Failory Team ⚠️

Hey there! We are the team behind Failory, a community where you can learn from the mistakes failed startups committed and avoid them.

Business Development 🚧

We are a group of friends and aspiring entrepreneurs which started Failory after having failed in our previous side-project for committing the same mistakes over again over. We began wondering on the idea of a website that would gather stories of failed entrepreneur and explanations of the mistakes these made. We agreed on that the best way to show this stories was by interviews with their protagonists. And that’s how Failory was born.

We are all passionate of minimalistic design, so it wasn’t hard to determine Failory’s logo and website style. The logo is a mixture of three different concepts. First, we wanted to establish Failory’s two main ideas: The stories and the failures. These are represented by the illustration of a book and the red color. Secondly, we wanted to show the way in which failed entrepreneurs would tell their stories, so we added to the logo a chat illustration, representing the interviews.

We developed all the website in Webflow, which is a visual responsive web design tool. In order to do the blog we decided to divide the articles according to the knowledge each one of use had from each topic.

Money 💰

After working in Failory without earning a single penny, on February 2018 we finally earned our first dollar. In fact, they were $160. We are monetizing Failory with the following strategies:

- Sponsorships: We sell sponsorships on our weekly newsletters. Businesses find them really useful, as they are able to reach thousands of small and medium business owners. Our email subscribers usually also find these ads useful, as we only sponsor tools that we find attractive and think our email list will like.

- Advertising: Our website receives thousands of visitors every month and, as our target audience are business owners, we are the perfect place for businesses (especially tools and SaaS) to be promoted on.

- Affiliate Marketing: We include affiliate links to books and tools recommended by our interviewees. This strategy needs some work yet ;)

Goals 🏆

Our main objective is and has always been to help entrepreneurs achieve financial independence and do not fail (which is quite ironically!) in building their business. Having said this, our principal concern at this moment is to make sure that Failory grows and that it can help more people everyday.

As most of you, we also have to eat. In order to do this, we are looking forward to being able to make a living out of Failory. Being capable of dedicating full-time on Failory is what we always dreamed of, and although this may prove as a really hard task, we know we can do it because it’s our passion.

Interviews 🎤

If you wish to be interviewed, you just have to go to the submit page, write your email in the form, and we will send you the questions as soon as possible. If you have a failed startup or know of anyone who has, feel free to ask for the questions without compromise, and answer them without rush.

Contact 🤝

Do you have any doubts? Do you want to do a guest post? Do you have problems with your startup? Send us an email to: hello@failory.com or contact us through any of our social medias which can be found right below each page.