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Why did Quibi fail?

Quibi was a short-form streaming platform started in 2018 and shut down in 2020. It raised close to $2B and it had a full team of industry veterans. Yet, it failed. Here's our deep analysis on the 7 things that went wrong.

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Steven Long

Failed +$110K/Mo Food Startup

It's one of my favorite interviews due to the intense amount of lessons it provides. It's about Chowdy, a Toronto-based food startup which went from making $110k/mo to shutting down due to legal challenges in just some weeks.

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Shark Tank

Biggest Shark Tank Failures

Lots of the businesses that went to Shark Tank have since failed. In this article, we analyzed the biggest 7 failures and the reasons behind each of them.

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Product-market fit

Product-Market Fit eBook

Analyzing our interviews with failed startups, we found out that lack of product-market fit was the most common cause of failure. That's why we decided to write a guide on how to achieve PMF, based on the experiences of Airbnb, Slack, etc.

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