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Early Access to Startup Cemetery

On Monday February 25, I will be launching the Startup Cemetery, a project I've been working on during the last 4 months. It consists of a site where I have analyzed why +100 startups have failed. It took me quite a lot of time but it is now 99% finished. As an acknowledgment for subscribing to Failory's newsletter, here is your early access.

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Side project eBook

[Free eBook] Creating a Side Project: 8 Stages, 43 Strategies & 59 Tools

Creating a side project is not as easy as it looks. Turning it into a successful business that allows you to earn a great salary is even more complicated. That is why I have written a FREE practical guide on how to become a Viking and beat every problem you will face when building a side project.

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Open Failory

Failory is a Transparent Startup!
Check out our /open page.

Pieter Levels kind of started a movement in startups which basically consists of sharing the metrics and statistics openly with users. I really like this concept, which is why I created an /open page for Failory. Here you will find the revenue and expenses of each month, the traffic I receive, some cool data about social networks and my monthly reports.

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Steven Long

Chowdy: Shutting Down a +$110,000/Month Food Startup

One of the most important parts of Failory are the interviews with failed startups, which are published once a week. This is my favorite interview since I started Failory in August 2017. It is about Steve, a guy who co-founded a food startup that started making +$110,000/month. However, due to some problems I won't spoil, they were forced to shut down.

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Growing a Time Tracking Software to $316,000/Month

On the other side, I weekly publish interviews with successful entrepreneurs. And this is my favorite interview with one of them. In this masterpiece, Dave explains how he built Hubstaff, a well-known time tracking software that is making $316K/month. His main strategies were SEO, word of mouth and content. Learn from him!

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