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The Best 5 Pitch Deck Design Services In 2023


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The Best 5 Pitch Deck Design Services

1) Base Templates

Base Templates Interface

Founded in 2015 by Maximilian Fleitmann, a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. Base Templates was created to share the founders' mistakes in previous attempts to raise money.

Base Templates offers excellent pitch deck creation service and a library of resources for startups seeking funding.

Pricing: Base templates have a simple pricing structure. Customers pay $49 per slide for their pitch deck design and content services.

They also help with your fundraising strategy. Pricing for this plan will depend on what you need to have completed.

How they work: First, you will need to contact them to schedule a short introduction of your company and previous attempts at getting funding, if any.

You will then send them any previous pitch decks (if you have one) and get a quote and expected delivery time. If you do not have a pitch deck, Basic Templates will create one for you from scratch.

After an agreed quote, they will begin working on your pitch deck and update you on its status. Finally, Basic Templates will deliver the finished product as a .pdf and a raw version once everything is completed.

Previous work: Basic Templates is an experienced service provider who has helped startups raise over $30M in venture capital combined and has done 100+ pitch decks. You can check out what they’ve built on their website.

Base Templates portfolio

2) Slidebean

Slidebean's interface

Another popular option is Slidebean, an easy-to-use tool that allows clients to create pitch decks independently.

Founded in 2013, Slidebean has elevated pitch deck design to a new level, improving its platform over the years. Slidebean also sells unique pitch deck creation services. Users can receive powerful and engaging pitch decks by collaborating with the Slidebean design team to ensure they get exactly what they need.

Whether you want to redesign an existing deck or create a new one from scratch, Slidebean has you covered.

Pricing: When working with Slidebean, clients can choose three different plans. The first one is The Design plan which starts at $39 per slide. This plan is for those who already have a pitch deck and need redesigning services.

The Traction plan starts at $2,199. This plan includes a 15-slide pitch deck from scratch.

The Scale plan starts at $3,499. By choosing this plan, Slidebean will write a 15-slide pitch deck for your company. Each client also receives a personalized approach to creating pitch decks and financial modeling plans.

How they work: The Slidebean agency service is straightforward. You have to pay for the services first, and the price will vary depending on how many slides you need. Once paid, Slidebean will create a pitch deck to present to your business. After this, you can provide feedback on your pitch deck.

Previous work: If you’re interested in what Slidebean has done so far, you can check out some of their previous work in the "Our portfolio: pitch deck examples" section.

Slidebean'ss portfolio

3) UnicornPitch

UnicornPitch's interface

UnicornPitch is a Germany-based design and content service ideal for startups. This agency delivers fast and high-quality results every time. Their main objectives are always fixed delivery dates, so clients know when to expect updates and finished products.

When hiring UnicornPitch for your pitch deck project, you can expect complete transparency. The agency provides a signed NDA to all its clients to rely on confidentiality.

Pricing: The price will depend on the complexity of the client’s pitch deck ideas and needs. The pricing for creating a pitch deck starts at €29 per slide and will increase depending on the project’s complexity.

The pitch deck kickstart package comes at €399 and includes a pitch deck template with 14 slides and pitch content instructions. Once the content and design are completed, the UnicornPitch team makes sure everything is in order, does the final polish, and sends it to the client for review.

How they work: Once you decide what you need, you can place an order at UnicornPitch. After a meeting is arranged, clients and UnicornPitch experts discuss project features in greater detail. Clients are encouraged to provide feedback as their goal is client satisfaction, not just finishing a project and moving on to the next.

Previous work: UnicornPitch has a portfolio under the section "Pitch Deck Examples" that includes some examples of its pitch deck designs. You can check out these examples to get an idea of what you can expect from your UnicornPitch pitch deck designer.

UnicornPitch's portfolio

4) Slidepeak

Slidepeak inerface

Slidepeak is a professional design agency that assists companies and marketers in creating informative and compelling presentations. Besides being one of the most successful pitch deck consulting services, Slidepeak can create presentations for other purposes.

Whether you’re using Slidepeak for education, business, or social projects, the pitch decks created with this design agency can help you elevate your brand to a whole new level and experience unique benefits.

Pitch deck designs and redesigns are available for different niches, topics, and audiences.

Pricing: Slidepeak’s pricing depends on two key elements – what needs to be done and how urgent the task is. The most common choices are 48 hours, 5 days, and 10 days, but more deadlines are available. Their prices are shown on a 5-day deadline. Naturally, shorter deadlines increase the price, while more extended deadlines lower it.

If you already have the main content and simply want to incorporate creative infographics, custom icons, and other similar changes, you should go with their redesign service. It starts from $25 per slide.

If you have some content and material that needs to be organized and designed, the presentation from personal material is the best choice. This plan starts from $30 per slide.

Finally, creating a presentation from scratch is the most demanding task out of the three. That’s why it’s also the most expensive. This deal starts from $49 per slide, and it’s a perfect solution for businesses that only have a rough idea of their presentation that needs additional work.

How they work: The Slidepeak team uses credible databases such as JSTOR or EBSCO to keep all valuable information necessary to create a pitch deck in a safe place. All written content is run through Copyscape to ensure the desired level of uniqueness.

Designers work hard to develop innovative ideas with every new project while maintaining a clear structure that the target audience can easily understand. By collaborating with their clients, Slidepeak designers deliver impressive results every time.

Previous work: The "Explore our most recent examples of pitch deck slides and get inspired" section on Slidepeak’s website shows off what their team is capable of doing. Thanks to their talented team, they can create an engaging and attention-grabbing pitch deck, regardless of whether upgrading any existing design or creating a new one from scratch.

Slidepeak's portfolio

5) PitchDeck

PitchDeck's interface

PitchDeck is a service only for businesses in the US. Although they are the final pitch deck creation agency on this list, it has over 10,000 designed pitch decks as part of its portfolio.

The PitchDeck team consists of hard-working people who work until they find the perfect solution for every client and their business. Pitch deck designers, graphic artists, and copywriters working together will pay special attention to startup companies that need effective pitch decks to impress their potential investors, partners, or clients.

Pricing: This design agency’s minimum cost for a pitch deck project is $1,000. However, the price is tailored to the individual needs and desires of companies hiring PitchDeck. Other factors, such as the project’s size and complexity, as well as the company’s size and budget, will also affect the final price offer.

How they work: If you want to work with PitchDeck, all you have to do is contact their team. Together, you can identify the key objectives and goals the pitch deck needs to accomplish. Once an agreement is reached, companies can expect to receive finished presentations between 14 and 21 days.

Previous work: PitchDeck has collaborated with some of the most successful companies on the market. With more than 10,000 pitch deck projects, they have plenty of experience in this niche. You can check out some of their work on their portfolio page.

PitchDecks's portfolio

Should I Create My Pitch Deck or Outsource It?

It isn’t a simple question because the answer depends on several factors. If you already have experience creating pitch decks, there’s no reason to outsource a design agency.

However, since that’s not true for most cases, it’s best to hire a professional design agency to create innovative and eye-catching designs for your company.

If you don’t have a budget, try creating a pitch and paying for a consultant to review your work. A consultant can catch significant errors in the design and make the pitch deck more polished.

How Much Do Pitch Decks Cost?

The cost of pitch decks varies – it will increase with the level of complexity.

A pitch deck can cost anywhere between $1,000 to $3,000

What makes a pitch deck more complex?

The company’s size, the type of pitch deck, the choice of a pitch deck creation service, the level of urgency, and the budget all affect the complexity of the project and, thus, its final price.

However, not all businesses can or should spend the same amount on a new pitch deck. For startups with a low budget, a freelance pitch deck expert on an hourly basis might create helpful content that pitch deck creation services will integrate into a polished design.

Hiring premium-class pitch deck consultants is a better choice for more successful companies. These agencies will create a brand’s pitch decks from scratch. However, be prepared to pay approximately $5,000 for this premium service.

How Long Does It Take To Create A Pitch Deck?

The time you’ll have to wait largely depends on your request's complexity since each request is unique.

Research and content creation takes up the majority of the time. Therefore, you’ll receive the results in around 30 days. The designing process goes much faster, and competent professionals can finish it in less than a week.

If you’re simply redesigning your website and using the existing content, you can expect the finished results in as little as 48 hours.

What Information Should I Give To A Pitch Deck Design Service?

A pitch deck consulting service will need certain information to create an effective but honest pitch deck. To ensure you and your design agency are on the same page, you should provide the following information to a pitch deck design service:

  • The purpose of your product, service, or technology;
  • The technical details of your product, service, or technology;
  • The competitive advantage of your product, service, or technology;
  • The description of the team, including their skills, qualifications, and experience;
  • Thorough research of the market and key competitors in the industry;
  • The business model, as well as short-term and long-term strategies;
  • An approximate budget for the pitch deck project.


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