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10 Notion Templates for Your Startup

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Notion, the all-in-one productivity and note-taking space, is a great tool that startup founders can use to do everything from managing daily tasks to tracking fundraising progress.

To make things even easier, there are tons of great startup templates for Notion created by others who’ve been in the same position you’re in now.

No matter what stage your startup idea is in, one or more of these templates should be able to help you develop and scale it.

10 Notion Templates for Startups

1) Startup Templates

This Notion Startup Templates bundle includes more than 50 templates based on startup best practices in different areas. Every template in the set comes with a summary of the theory behind the template, giving you some context about how to use it best.

Startup stages and business areas covered by this massive bundle of startup templates include ideation and validation, strategy, operations, fundraising, marketing and sales, product, customer experience, data and analytics, and more.

Every Notion template in this package is ready to use out of the box, but can be easily customized to suit your specific needs and goals.

2) Startup OS

The Startup OS template package for Notion is designed to help you build your startup from the ground up. 

The goal of Startup OS is to reduce the number of tools required to get your startup up and running. As the name implies, it creates an operating system for your startup workflow, allowing you to plan, build, launch, and scale your product, all from a unified workspace.

Startup OS includes over 60 individual templates for you to use along every step of your startup’s journey. Some examples include company dashboard, business model canvas, pitch deck creator, and ROI calculator templates.

3) Entrepreneur Kit

Entrepreneur Kit

This Entrepreneur Kit is a set of Notion templates for startups that offers templates for managing tasks, taking notes, brainstorming ideas, tracking goals, staying on top of finances, and much more.

This particular Notion template kit is mainly geared towards new startup founders, and aims to provide collective knowledge and a complete system for managing day-to-day tasks and avoiding common pitfalls.

In addition to the templates, the Entrepreneur Kit also provides useful resources to aid and inspire new entrepreneurs, including quotes and tips from successful entrepreneurs and lists of books, courses, and podcasts to check out.

Many businesses will use your D-U-N-S Number to access your company’s Dun &
Bradstreet credit profile to help evaluate you as a partner.

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4) Company Home

Company Home

Notion’s Company Home template for startup founders provides a place to store all your company’s important information, such as your mission and values, business goals, employee directory, expense policies, and more.

Company Home’s goal is to function as a central source of truth for everyone at your company to easily refer to when they need key information. You can use it as a repository for everything from company announcements to policies regarding vacations and time off requests.

5) Fundraising Tracker

Fundraising Tracker

Notion’s Fundraising Tracker template helps you manage all your interactions with potential investors. You can create an entry in the database for each investor you want to pitch to, add important information about them, and update their status based on your interactions so far.

Once you have several entries in your Fundraising Tracker database, you can quickly sort them by status to see how much progress you’ve made. For example, you could choose to view all the investors you’ve already won or lost, or all the investors you have meetings scheduled with.

You can also use the Fundraising Tracker to store meeting notes, links, emails, pitch prep, and anything else that’s part of your fundraising process.

6) Buffer's OKRs

Buffer's OKRs

Buffer’s OKRs Notion template is built to promote transparency, accountability, and collaboration on startup teams, especially those that are working remotely from different locations and time zones.

This template lets you store all your objectives and key results in a central location where everyone can quickly access them. 

There’s space for tracking company, team, and individual goals, so anyone can see what everyone else is working on and understand where their goals fit into the bigger picture.

7) Mixpanel’s Daily Standup & Tasks

Mixpanel’s Daily Standup & Tasks

Mixpanel’s Daily Standup & Tasks template for Notion is ideal for planning and tracking product progress at your startup. 

The template gives your whole team a searchable record of standup meetings that they can easily refer to while you work together on a complex startup project.

For future standups, you can include an agenda of topics to be discussed, including how long each one should take to cover. For past standups, you can add a summary of discussion topics, meeting notes, and follow-ups.

The template’s tasks board lets you quickly see at a glance who is working on what and how far along towards completion each task is.

8) Hiring OS

Hiring OS is a Notion board template that startups can use to streamline their hiring processes. Applications to open positions are automatically routed to a Notion board, and HR can see at a glance where each candidate is in the hiring process.

As you interview and evaluate candidates, you can prepare questions, add interview notes, and store all other relevant information in central candidate profile pages.

Additionally, Hiring OS for Notion includes more than 150 standard interview questions and over 750 built-in job descriptions to save your HR team time when building new job postings and conducting interviews.

9) Help Center

Help Center

Notion’s Help Center template is ideal for building a unified help center for your startup. You can use it to build an internal help center for your team, full of best practices and important information, or a client-facing help center packed with support resources and FAQs.

Editing your help articles in this template is as easy as working within any other type of document — simply add headings, text, and bulleted and numbered lists, and drag and drop images or embed videos as needed to supplement your help center’s content.

10) Sales CRM

Sales CRM

Notion’s Sales CRM template helps startups build out their sales funnels and track leads, without the complexity of some of the heavier CRM software platforms out there.

With this Notion template for startups, each lead has its own Notion page, where you can store notes about touchpoints and overall sales progress. 

As leads move along in your sales funnel, you can update their data card statuses to show how close you are to closing deals, then sort leads by their statuses to see overall sales progress. 

Wrapping Up

Startup founders and their teams have a lot of moving parts to keep track of, and using too many different tools and platforms to do so can further complicate matters.

Using an all-in-one workspace, like Notion, with templates for startups is the perfect way to streamline processes and optimize workflows in all business areas.

So, whether it’s your first time working on a startup idea, or you’re looking for ways to do things better this time around, try one of the Notion templates above using Failory’s link (#NotionPartner). Plus, if you’re part of a startup, you can apply to get up to $1000 in credit for your team’s plan.

Many businesses will use your D-U-N-S Number to access your company’s Dun &
Bradstreet credit profile to help evaluate you as a partner.

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