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The Failory Podcast
June 1, 2020

Being Forced to Shut Down a +$1M/year Food Startup, with Steve Long of The Travel Brief

Steve Long
Steve Long
Founder of Chowdy & The Travel Brief

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Show Notes

  • Steve’s path to a startup.
  • Chowdy; a food startup.
  • Dragon’s Den opportunity.
  • The 9-weeks turn around.
  • Steve’s passion project; The Travel Brief.
  • What advice would Steve give to his past self.

Links & Resources

  • The Travel Brief - Making it possible for travelers to explore every part of the world as easily as their own cities. Practically sharing travel tips and guides.
  • Chowdy - A meal subscription program for working professionals.
  • Captive Rooms - An escape room attraction. Working together, teams must race against the clock to find clues, solve puzzles, and overcome challenges to escape a themed adventure.
  • Steve’s Linkedin
  • The Travel Brief Twitter

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